Behta hai mann kahi…

Kahaan jaanate nahi…

Koi rokhale yahii..


Well, man is considered to be most intelligent animal on the earth its becoz of his ability to use his brain, and think. But sometimes this unique ability, compare to other animals, itself cause me trouble. For instance, look at this blog. I must have thought of writing a blog long time back. So you see it begins with thinking. And I thought very hard about it, immediately thousand thoughts ran in my mind, again thousand different thoughts on each topic, then thousand different reviews, thousand different thoughts for those reviews so altogether my myriad thoughts. Then again I thought, whether I should ask somebody else to get a second thought about it. And then I ended giving up writing blog. And now, after so many months, and so many thoughts on other topics, I am posting my thoughts, right from my brain, about these thoughts!

Think about the animals, they can’t think so much, so they don’t invent things, they don’t know anything about electricity, computers, internet and so about blogspots. Oh man, how many thoughts are saved, and so is the time behind that.


Hmm…Thinking before doing new things that wont let us do new things should be avoided, while the other thinking like imagination that invokes us to do new things must be provoked.


3 Comments to “Thoughts….”

  1. That’s a gem of a thought 🙂

  2. keep thinking what makes you write. 🙂

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