The One

Tu na jaane,

Aas paas hai khuda….

Khuda?? Probably number ONE is like a God. Something I realized recently.

I was teaching derivatives to my neighbor cum friend cum little sister, and I realized this thing about ‘1’. Whenever you think there is nothing over there, you can find ‘1’ there. For instance, you think the number has no power but it has that’s ‘1’. You think there is nothing in the denominator but again there is, and its ‘1’. You feel a variable, usually x, has no coefficient but again there is ‘1’. You ought to remember this. He is like everywhere (except in log, where it is 10 or e).

Now, for math lover, this fact must be like “of course! You didn’t know this??” but for those who think of math as a scary movie, which they don’t wish to but have to watch, this fact can come handy coz they just keep on forgetting that ONE. They get confused when they see x or x2 and other such terms alone and stumble. Or perhaps even a mixed fraction 5 + 9/7 can cause them trouble.

So only thing you have to remember is, you have God to help you out…


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