I am trying to improve my vocabulary since long time. And I have tried number of ways to remember new words. But believe me, my power to remember words, is horrible!

One of the ways suggested by my Sir is to share the words, talk about the words,  play with them  and their meaning. So recently I went through a small wordlist of ‘E’. The book I am referring already has very few words in the list, so good for me.

There are some really good words starting from ‘E’ that caught my eye,  and I would like to share them with you, although with a very selfish motive of remembering them myself!!

The words that are long, but are really sweet-

  1. Ebullience
  2. Cheerful, enthusiasm

  3. Encomium
  4. Very high praise

  5. Euphemism
  6. The use of mild term for blunt one

The words which I didn’t know existed, but are going to make my life easy. There are many words that, alone, can be used to replace many others i.e. a situation explained with just a single word!

  1. Egalitarian
  2. Upholding the doctrine of equality and mankind A huge one!

  3. Elision
  4. Leaving out of a vowel or pronunciation in a syllable It’s like…pronouncing ‘its’ and not ‘it is’. I didn’t know what it is called, before.

  5. Emancipate
  6. To set free It is generally used when people are freed from a rule or some evil deed.

  7. Embargo
  8. Order that forbids trade, movements of ships They generally show in movies, it is not allowed to transport the goods, but still Don’s men will do it! They will show that they can do it!

  9. Ensconce
  10. To establish oneself in a place, near fire so that you can get right amount o f heat or in a seat from where you can see your crush properly!

  11. Exegesis
  12. Critical interpretation of text

  13. Exonerate
  14. To free from blame I thought it’s similar to emancipate but it is actually not.

  15. Expatiate
  16. To enlarge at length

  17. Expatriate
  18. Banished from one’s own country

  19. Expiation
  20. To make amends for

  21. Expostulate
  22. To remonstrate

  23. Expurgate
  24. To amend by removing obscene or offensive selection

  25. Extramural
  26. Outside the boundaries of a town

    Short word, short meaning!

    1. Éclat
    2. Brilliant success or effect I like words relating to success!

    3. Enigma
    4. Riddle

    5. Epistle
    6. Letter

    7. Exalt
    8. To raise up

    9. Ethos
    10. Characteristics of a community or a culture

    11. Exhort
    12. To urge very badly

    The words almost have same meaning, but used in different situations. (That can help me sound impressive!!)

    1. Emasculate
    2. To weaken

    3. Exorcise
    4. To expel evil spirit

    5. Extenuate
    6. To lessen, to palliate

    Last, but not the least-


    Extremely painful It’s used in Harry potter, one of the curses, it gives a real bad pain!


7 Comments to “‘E’”

  1. Thank you for this. I have an enrich your vocabulary session in class every English period.
    I’m really inspired by ebullience and emancipate. Gonna introduce this word in class tomorrow!

    btw, ending is epic 😀

  2. hey thanks Venkat!
    I am glad that my post turned out useful to you!

  3. Whens the next class?? 😛

  4. Informative 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Kam's Column and commented:
    learning it. 🙂 thanks for sharing.

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