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April 30, 2012

When do you realize, you are grown up??

When an upcoming pop star is of your age,
And you notice that her salary is lot more than yours. 😉
You realize you are grown up…

When somebody younger than you,
Measures his height with you and says,
“I am taller than you!”
and you don’t mind.
You realize you are grown up…

When a child in your neighborhood asks you for help,
Addressing you uncle or aunty,
You raise your eyebrows,
And you still manage to smile, 🙂
Even go ahead to help him,
You realize you are grown up…

When you are lying on sofa, in the hall,
You see your mother standing on a stool,
Trying to get something from height,
You cannot lay there anymore,
And you get up immediately to help her,
You realize you are grown up…
And your mother, too realizes you are grown up. 🙂

April 18, 2012

Thank you God

Thank you God,

For the cool rains after hot summer,
For the smiles, after all those tears.

For the day that comes after every night,
For the strength I gain, after every fight.

For the courage I get, on confronting the fears,
For the heights I rose, after suffering failure.

For the cool shade after scorching heat,
For the warm hug after every defeat.

For the sweet kiss when a finger burnt,
For the calm sleep after a long day run.

I saw this picture and realized, we are so busy feeling sad about the bad things that happen to us that we fail to appreciate the beautiful results they have..

April 16, 2012

The Hurt Locker

Recently, I saw this movie and only after watching the movie I realized why my brother was insisting me to watch this movie from last one year!

‘The Hurt Locker’ got released in September 2008, directed by Kathryn Bigelow, written by Mark Boal (you can get all this information on wiki) and runs for 2 hrs 6 mins. The story has three main characters, three US soldiers in Iraq, one is a bomb disarmer and two others who guard him as he works in his bomb suit. Now I am not going to tell you entire plot. For that you will have to watch it on your own.

The film begins with showing us that how risky their job is. A bomb diffuser dies in the beginning itself while diffusing a bomb whose place is then taken by our hero. So for rest of the movie, I kept on wondering if the hero is going to die too. He disarms bombs around 5-7 times during the movie and every time he would go near the bombs, my heart would thud like “Oh no…will he die this time??”

The Hurt Locker

The movie also has some emotional scenes, depicting miserable life of soldier. For instance, the hero calls home to speak to his wife and son, but cannot utter a word.

A nicely made movie, winner of 6 Oscars, is a must watch!

April 2, 2012

It means a lot…

I looked at the sky. There was a round white face, shining brightly. And so were tiny stars, shinning equally bright. I stared at them for couple of minutes.  They meant nothing to me.

I came home, had dinner, went to sleep.

Next day , sweet chirping of birds woke me. It was still dark. I brushed my teeth, had tea. Till then there was a pinch of orange spread in the blue sky, the sun was rising. I looked at it with the birds in background. It meant nothing to me.

I did my chores, went to office. At the signal, there were ladies selling fresh roses. There fragrance caught my attention. I looked at them.

“1 for 5. Will you take?”

They were dark red, fresh.


I don’t know why, but they didn’t mean anything  at all to me.

I reached office. Met my colleagues. Smiled at few. Checked my mails. Sent a few. I was about to begin my work.


1 messaged received.

“Good Morning Sweetu.

Sorry for yesterday.

Love you…”

Inevitably, I smiled. It meant everything to me.

“I love you too!”

I replied.