It means a lot…

I looked at the sky. There was a round white face, shining brightly. And so were tiny stars, shinning equally bright. I stared at them for couple of minutes.  They meant nothing to me.

I came home, had dinner, went to sleep.

Next day , sweet chirping of birds woke me. It was still dark. I brushed my teeth, had tea. Till then there was a pinch of orange spread in the blue sky, the sun was rising. I looked at it with the birds in background. It meant nothing to me.

I did my chores, went to office. At the signal, there were ladies selling fresh roses. There fragrance caught my attention. I looked at them.

“1 for 5. Will you take?”

They were dark red, fresh.


I don’t know why, but they didn’t mean anything  at all to me.

I reached office. Met my colleagues. Smiled at few. Checked my mails. Sent a few. I was about to begin my work.


1 messaged received.

“Good Morning Sweetu.

Sorry for yesterday.

Love you…”

Inevitably, I smiled. It meant everything to me.

“I love you too!”

I replied.


10 Comments to “It means a lot…”

  1. hmm..i can understand..when you are not in good mood…nothing on this earth can mean anything to you…except for some words from someone dear to you…short but very meaningful post

  2. should write for anything like that…else it wont touch people…but surely if you get it you like it

  3. i meant you should not… 😉

  4. yup. I know how how it feels. That one person can make you look at a half empty glass as a half full glass.
    Nicely written!

  5. wow!! I love it. 🙂 very nice, real and lovely post. And, I know what it means.

  6. I wish there was a second like button on this. I would have liked it without commenting.

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