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May 31, 2012

Babu and The Barbie

I have been thinking about this from long. Why girls are like this? and why boys are like that? You cannot even generalize it that all girls are just like this! and all boys are just like that! Girls are generally considered kind heart-ed while boys are emotionless. But then there are girls who are emotionless and boys who are really a sweet heart! Going much ahead there are manly women and girly men too!
What I feel is it is just the environment in which we grow decides how we are going to be. Here is a short attempt, according to my assumptions, why boys never play with dolls!
Now, I am not ready with entire plot, so I might end up writing something else or I might not even end it! But i really hope it ends!

Babu with marblesIt was a usual afternoon. Babu’s mother was busy cleaning utensils behind the hotel area. Babu was playing marbles besides her. Hotel was quiet as in the afternoon time very few customers turned up; usually travelers who would halt for lunch. So mother used the time to finish off her work. Babu’s elder brother would be in school at this time. Babu was still younger to go to school. So he would play all alone, trying to imitate his brother. He never really understood when to hit a marble with other marble and when to push it with index finger. He did it as per his convenience.

Mother was about to finish her work. There was a sound of vehicle’s horn from the hotel front side. She left her work and ran to the front rightly assuming that some customers must have arrived. Babu saw his mother, half running. He collected his marbles and went behind her.

A family had got down from a huge, black jeep and had occupied a table right at the center. And the driver was honking as they could not find the owner of the hotel. Mother came to table took order and went inside the kitchen to bring the food. They were five, Mom, Dad, a Granny and two daughters.
Babu went inside behind mother, but came out immediately. He stood near the kitchen door looking at the family. He looked the mom and the granny were discussing the weather, dad was bus talking on phone, the driver was bored and the two girls were chit chatting.

He saw, both of them were holding something in their hand. The younger one was holding it more tightly. He wanted to see what it was. He kept looking at them in a hope to get a better look at it.
The Mom thought something else, “You will have food with us? Come”
He nodded expressing no, of course he already had his lunch. Soon after some time he realized, each of them was holding a doll in their hand.

“Why don’t we have a doll? Why every time brother brings only marbles, top, ball and bat, chocolates and why not dolls? I too want a doll!” he thought.
Mother came from the kitchen with food and served it to them. He kept looking at them. He saw that the girls were feeding their dolls just as mother does to him with her hand, as if the dolls were their babies! They were also telling something in their ears just as mother tells to him.
“I too want a doll!!” He said to himself.

May 28, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer

Summer – It means so many things to me, end of exams, vacation, then results, still vacation, mangoes, going to native place, visiting cousins, afternoon games, waiting for rains, and so many other things. But it is really difficult to capture all these things in a picture.

So here is a very simple interpretation of summer –

Even they deserve some hits and likes –

May 25, 2012

A word A Week – Trypanophobia

This weeks word is –


I don’t remember exactly what I was reading that brought me to this word but it is really interesting.

It means  – An irrational fear of medical procedures (such as injection) using needles. As all of us know, phobia in general is

It is not just hating needles, it is running far away from them! 😮

May 24, 2012

Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – Good Bye

The last post of the series, the counter part of Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story – Sayonara

streetlightI was looking outside the window, at the lonely streetlight, thinking. I don’t know for how long I was doing this. But her thoughts didn’t allow me to stop thinking.  Thought of her last hug…I wish to hold her in my arms for ever. I wish to wipe all her tears with my hands…I wanted her to stay, I wanted to tell her “don’t go, I need you, I am ready to spend rest of my life with you”

But that’s not possible now. I lost the last chance to confess. She is not coming back for a year. And I cannot even ask her to come back.

I want to tell her sorry, for missing the coffee date, for messing the second coffee date, for being so ill mannered on phone, when it wasn’t her mistake at all. I want to tell her sorry for breaking her heart every time, for acting as if I don’t care when all I want was just the same, for letting my ego come in our  way, for being so stupid and saying that two friends can never be together.

I want to tell her that I love her so much, I cannot live a moment without you, I cannot stop thinking about you, and now when you are gone, I really want to leave everything and come to you.

Her sad face was stuck in my mind. I could have told her don’t go, or at least “come back soon; I will be waiting for you”. But what I said instead? “Americaneeds you, find some white guy there”. Could I be anymore stupid?

The guilt that I was responsible for breaking her heart had occupied my mind. Her world was lonely, even with so many people around… and so was mine.

I continued to look at the streetlight…

May 23, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

It is my cousin’s hand, while playing Carrom!! It is our family game, we usually play when we come together !!


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May 21, 2012

Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Marriage proposal

I was in my room, thinking about my conversation with mom. Did I over react? I mean, I could have explained it calmly. My room door was open. I heard my mom talking to someone on phone.
I tried to listen it clearly –

“You are free or I should call later….yes I asked him….even he is not ready….what’s wrong with both of them I really don’t understand…I really like your daughter, besides I know you. You have nurtured her well, but only if he will agree…I am sorry…I will ask his father to talk to him…even you try to convince her, even if either of them agrees, then the ball is in our court…yes…right…will have dinner now…ok…call you later”

What was that? It means she wasn’t involved in this? And I over reacted again L Now what? God, have mercy! Oh you mummies! When you will realize we are grown up enough to take our decisions! At least let us take our own decision of marriage. Or may be it is not about my wife but only her daPoor girlughter-in-law, huh?

And I was so rude to her, didn’t even take her calls or replied her back…poor girl…already she isn’t getting her love, plus I am behaving like this and upon that, parent’s pressure! The feeling of myself being partly responsible for her miserable condition was eating me. It was little weird.

I thought of messaging her. I mean she had sent me such a long SMS, she at least deserves some acknowledgement. Or may be I should say sorry to her for misunderstanding?
“OK, fine. I got it.” I replied. 😦
“Thanks for the reply.”Miserable guy

May 19, 2012

Yummy Alphonso Mangoes!!!!

May summer not only brings lot of heat and sweat, but it also brings delicious mangoes!! 🙂 🙂

Alphonso (हापुस Haapoos in Marathi) is a mango cultivar that is considered as one of the best in terms of sweetness, richness and flavor.
It is also one of the most expensive kinds of mango and is grown mainly in Konkan region of western India. It is in season April through May and the fruit weigh between 150g and 300g each.
This one is with the fluorescent effect, just a try 😉

May 18, 2012

A Word A Week

This week’s word is –


It’s an adjective that means unlucky, unfortunate, ill fated and so a sad sack, a poor fish!

It is like you do everything, every possible thing and still your bucket is empty 😦 . Yeah, it happens with some people.

Like our heroine of Mirage 😉 . She is indeed hapless!

Now don’t think all my words are going to be realted to fortune, it is just a coincidence!

May 17, 2012

Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Unexpected Cafe Date

The best part of leaving office late is – less traffic! It feels great when your vehicle moves smoothly, without any brakes! And especially when its bike… I love it!

Although it wasn’t that late, just 9 pm, still the road was quite empty. I was getting in the mood.

“Suhana safar aur yeh mausum hassin…humme darr hai hum kho na jaaye kahi…”

And something happened that made me wonder, whether I am really lost. Yes, I saw her! First I thought, maybe its my dream again. But as I saw clearly, I was sure, it was her. She was walking on the footpath. Her office wasn’t away from her home, she usually walked  back. First I thought I will go ahead showing as if I didnt see her, because I really don’t want her in my dreams again or maybe I was just afraid, she would catch me. But my mind or heart didn’t allow me to do this and I approached her.

“Hey hi!”
“Oh what a surprise!”
“You, at this time?”
“Hello Mr , sometimes, we too have work!”
She taunted.
“Oh ya  of course! Come, I will drop you.”
“No thanks, I prefer to walk”
“Hey come on you health conscious! Or lets have some coffee”(oops!)
“Look who is saying that”
“I am sorry for that day, won’t I deserve a chance to make up for it??”

Within few minutes we reached the CCD. There is something about the ambiance here, it gives me some different feeling.

After ordiering coffee, I started the topic.

“So that day, you had something to tell?”
“Which day?”
“We had planned to meet?”
“Oh! That day! Nothing important as such”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course”
“I don’t think so.”
“But thats the thing, nothing important, I was bored”
“Is this my punishment?”
“No-o! Seriously.”
“Then tell me”
“Okay, its your punishment. If you don’t come, you don’t get to know what it is about”
“So there is something”
“Hey you don’t have to push it, I said nothing that means there is nothing”
I was sure, she will give up.
“No you will have to tell me”
“But why didn’t you come?”
“I am sorry, I said, no? I had an urgent call to attend”
“Why are you getting so upset?”
“Because there is something I really want to tell you”
“Go on dear, why are you thinking so much? And from when you have started thinking so much before telling me something?”
“Now tell.”
“Umm.. I like you.” She lowered her eyes.
My eyes narrowed, I was trying to understand what she meant.
She looked up, straight in my eyes,
“I mean, I love you”
My eyes, wide open!!

May 16, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Blue

Okay, now its not that I am a photographer or something, but I really want something to post when I am running out of topics. Also, I want to make use of my Camera which is used only during functions or get-together. My brother will be glad to know 😉

So here is my first entry for weekly photo challenge –

I got to know about this from you, Namita Lad. Thank you very much for everything!!!