Because childhood is so cool and fun!

I had a sudden urge to post something on the blog, but I couldn’t think of anything of which I can write, so finally I thought of taking some help from google 😉


I had this topic in my mind, so I searched few images on google which I thought will relate to it 🙂

Here they are-

At times, we just rolled on each other, laughing out loud on a smalle joke, just for fun!


School time was the time we enjoyed the most!


And while going to school 😀 😀


For some, it was like this too.:) 


After coming from school… 


Oh Marbles!!


Life would have never been so fun without you dear 🙂


I can never forget this part!

But it was definitely colorful!! 😉


13 Responses to “Because childhood is so cool and fun!”

  1. this shows how much you are addicted to blogging…i felt same today…in fact may times…i tried to take break but it didnt’ work…today i wanted to give break to my fiction stories which i already have in draft…sop i ended up posting one post which was lying in draft for so many days 🙂
    good one… 🙂

  2. ya, actually i just checked your blog, and saw all those coffee pics… 😉
    and let me tell you I just got notification for my 20th like, in case you remember the 5th like was also yours 😀
    Thanks a lot!

  3. A very beautiful post.

  4. AWww i am missing my childhood 😦
    lovely post ,,,,,,,,awesome

  5. Oh Diana! Yesterday I was planning to do almost a similar post about the the very first things we did as a child. Just did not go ahead with the idea. Such a coincidence.

    These pics are very nice and they are really nicely captioned!

  6. this post is my ever favorite. thought of linking back to it and i just realized, i had done that already. 🙂


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