Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Missed Coffee Date

Now that I know that my dear friend, Namita Lad, wont mind me writing my own other side of her story, here is the other end of the next part Mirage – An Incomplete Love Story – Coffee Date.

Oh God! It’s been 2 months, I am working for 6 days a week and out of those 6 days, at least 4 days I am reaching home after midnight. I hope at least this time the client is satisfied!

The car was moving smoothly. I looked out of the window, I saw the coffee shop. “Café coffee day – a lot can happen over a coffee”  Even at this time I could see people chit-chatting, enjoying their coffee.

Oops! Today’s evening! Oh! I missed it!

It’s already 1:30 am, I cannot even call her now. She must be in deep sleep. I will make up for this some other time. I am sure she won’t mind it. Or will she?

I mean she had called twice to confirm it and both the times I acted as if I am a total freebie. Maybe she had something in her mind, I wonder what it might be? I should have said no to her at the first time itself. I knew I would be busy.

But then, why didn’t I deny?

Maybe because, I want to meet her? Because I really want to spend some time with her, alone…

Or maybe because I just want some break from my work and nobody else seems to be free. After all, she herself had made the plan. And I was going to attend it but what can I do if the client makes a call all of a sudden? And even in my SOS situation, I called her to tell that I cannot come. Now that’s all I could have done from my side and I did it.

She should understand this, I didn’t do it on purpose.

 Or am I being too rude? Maybe I will just apologize her, when we meet next time. 😦


6 Responses to “Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Missed Coffee Date”

  1. that was kind a kool…loved it…it is as i would have written…good goin

  2. this, man, this!! 😀 like it.


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