Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Movie Time

The other side of Mirage – The Incomplete Love Story – The Movie Time posted by Namita Lad.
I finally got a stress free weekend! My friends had made a movie plan. Actually I wanted to take rest rather than watching a not-so-funny comedy movie, but then I didn’t want to miss the get-together with my friends. And when you have friends, who really cares about the movie?

Also, she was going to come, so I thought I will get to know what is her take about ‘The coffe date.’ If required, I will apologise.

Coincidently, we both sat next to each other. But I didn’t have to say anything to her. She was so cool as if nothing has happened. I felt as if I was fool to think about it so much!

As we were waiting for the movie to start, I felt as if my eyes were forced to look at her. I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she looked! Even when she was in a plain maroon t-shirt with a logo. Am I noticing this for the first time? Or is it that I have always found her pretty?

I don’t know why, but for the first time in my life, I was being so conscious about myself. Frankly speaking, I was not even able to concentrate on the movie. I don’t remember a single joke! But even she was not laughing much. Thank God! Maybe it was a lame movie!

Still it was going fine when…I don’t remember what exactly I was doing (or thinking) when the coke can fell from the holder and whatever coke was remaining in it was on me! Oops! Did I do something? Or what happened?

Before I can understand anything, she started saying ‘Sorry’, repeatedly. I was still wondering what had happened. I acted like a total dumb!
Instead I could have at least said “Its ok!” to console her. But I didn’t… 😦


6 Comments to “Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Movie Time”

  1. It’s awesome to see the same scenario from different point of views… Reminds me of the movie ‘Flipped’…
    Good work!!

  2. are going really well…keep it up…now i’m looking forward to read the other side 🙂

  3. Wow!!
    Thank you very much!! 🙂

  4. my, my! my!!…

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