Chaos – The Other End Of the Story – The Perfect Morning

It was perfect morning. I was wearing my lucky grey shirt. It is lucky because my friends told I look macho when i wear it ;).  Not just that, all the exams I wrote wearing that shirt were really good, yeah, that’s why it is lucky!

Coming back to the morning, it wasn’t hot like other days. The sun seemed very pleasant, hiding behind the clouds. May be it was going to rain. Don’t know exactly. I took my sac, left my house bowing to God. I felt as if I was going for some exam. Maybe that’s why I was wearing the shirt.

After walking few steps, I saw her. There was a weird feeling, as if I was walking there with a purpose, as if I knew she was going to come. I saw her from distance. I saw her long hair sliding on her face. Beauty! How come I never noticed her hair before? I saw her pushing them back! Oh God! I got weird feeling in my stomach, as if someone was pulling it from inside.

Keeping aside all the feelings but one, I went straight to her. I didn’t know what I was doing. But still, with full confidence, I went on my knees and –
“I love you dear! I-cannot-live-without-you. I cannot think of anything else but you. I am telling the truth. You are the only one on my mind 24*7. I see only you…”
“Hello?? Wait a minute!”
“Are you in your senses? I thought we were good friends. Do you understand what it means? I never expected this from you…..blah…blah…blah…”

I couldn’t understand anything what she was saying next. I was thunderstruck!! All of a sudden, from no-where, all her friends arrived in group and started laughing at me, teasing me.
They were not laughing actually, it was something else…
They were crowing…Huh??

Hush!! It was my cell that was ringing! It was 6:30 am, the morning alarm!


3 Comments to “Chaos – The Other End Of the Story – The Perfect Morning”

  1. hahaha…what about that you were going to make him cry 🙂

  2. First nightmares, then sleepless nights and then finally tears…! 😀

  3. Hey both of you – N and D – you plan on killing your readers! hahaha…. this is real good work! 😀

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