Google – The Sun in The World of Technology

The other day, when I posted Because childhood is so cool and fun, one more topic popped in my head. As all the photos that I took were from Google, I thought why don’t I write something about Google itself?

Being a part of Software world, I have to keep on searching pieces of code on net every now and then. But apart from that, I also use it in my spare time to search on different topics, right from how to do manicure to new cell phones in the store to meaning of words. It does good time pass!

It tells me about movies, its cast and crew, its plot, its songs, their lyrics, sites that allow free download also if it is a new release which theatre has its shows, their timings, ticket rates, everything!

It also helps me to search different blogs when I forget its actual name. It’s not just about blogs but any other site for that matter.

Also the Google-doodles, they keep on updating our knowledge about different inventions and discoveries and poets and writers and many others…

Not just this, but it also helps me to impress my mom as it search provides me with variety of reciepies!!
Also not to forget the designs for Rangoli and Mehendi to impress friends!

In our training period, whenever we used to ask any doubt to our trainer, he always had only one reply, “Google it!!” Later, we started making fun when some one asked anything, by saying “Just Google it!” Jokes apart, Google is really playing an important role in this technology world, providing all the necessary information at our finger tips.

What I feel is, Google – The Searcg Engine, is like Sun, a non-conventional source of information in this beautiful world of technology! 🙂
Thank-you Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Nobody can deny Google’s role in today’s world, right??


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