Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Unexpected Cafe Date

The best part of leaving office late is – less traffic! It feels great when your vehicle moves smoothly, without any brakes! And especially when its bike… I love it!

Although it wasn’t that late, just 9 pm, still the road was quite empty. I was getting in the mood.

“Suhana safar aur yeh mausum hassin…humme darr hai hum kho na jaaye kahi…”

And something happened that made me wonder, whether I am really lost. Yes, I saw her! First I thought, maybe its my dream again. But as I saw clearly, I was sure, it was her. She was walking on the footpath. Her office wasn’t away from her home, she usually walked  back. First I thought I will go ahead showing as if I didnt see her, because I really don’t want her in my dreams again or maybe I was just afraid, she would catch me. But my mind or heart didn’t allow me to do this and I approached her.

“Hey hi!”
“Oh what a surprise!”
“You, at this time?”
“Hello Mr , sometimes, we too have work!”
She taunted.
“Oh ya  of course! Come, I will drop you.”
“No thanks, I prefer to walk”
“Hey come on you health conscious! Or lets have some coffee”(oops!)
“Look who is saying that”
“I am sorry for that day, won’t I deserve a chance to make up for it??”

Within few minutes we reached the CCD. There is something about the ambiance here, it gives me some different feeling.

After ordiering coffee, I started the topic.

“So that day, you had something to tell?”
“Which day?”
“We had planned to meet?”
“Oh! That day! Nothing important as such”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course”
“I don’t think so.”
“But thats the thing, nothing important, I was bored”
“Is this my punishment?”
“No-o! Seriously.”
“Then tell me”
“Okay, its your punishment. If you don’t come, you don’t get to know what it is about”
“So there is something”
“Hey you don’t have to push it, I said nothing that means there is nothing”
I was sure, she will give up.
“No you will have to tell me”
“But why didn’t you come?”
“I am sorry, I said, no? I had an urgent call to attend”
“Why are you getting so upset?”
“Because there is something I really want to tell you”
“Go on dear, why are you thinking so much? And from when you have started thinking so much before telling me something?”
“Now tell.”
“Umm.. I like you.” She lowered her eyes.
My eyes narrowed, I was trying to understand what she meant.
She looked up, straight in my eyes,
“I mean, I love you”
My eyes, wide open!!


8 Comments to “Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Unexpected Cafe Date”

  1. now this was really unexpected 😉

  2. i’ve already checked it..didn’t u c my like?

  3. you made him say it!!! Gosh! I think, I missed commenting/liking this!!

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