Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Marriage proposal

I was in my room, thinking about my conversation with mom. Did I over react? I mean, I could have explained it calmly. My room door was open. I heard my mom talking to someone on phone.
I tried to listen it clearly –

“You are free or I should call later….yes I asked him….even he is not ready….what’s wrong with both of them I really don’t understand…I really like your daughter, besides I know you. You have nurtured her well, but only if he will agree…I am sorry…I will ask his father to talk to him…even you try to convince her, even if either of them agrees, then the ball is in our court…yes…right…will have dinner now…ok…call you later”

What was that? It means she wasn’t involved in this? And I over reacted again L Now what? God, have mercy! Oh you mummies! When you will realize we are grown up enough to take our decisions! At least let us take our own decision of marriage. Or may be it is not about my wife but only her daPoor girlughter-in-law, huh?

And I was so rude to her, didn’t even take her calls or replied her back…poor girl…already she isn’t getting her love, plus I am behaving like this and upon that, parent’s pressure! The feeling of myself being partly responsible for her miserable condition was eating me. It was little weird.

I thought of messaging her. I mean she had sent me such a long SMS, she at least deserves some acknowledgement. Or may be I should say sorry to her for misunderstanding?
“OK, fine. I got it.” I replied. 😦
“Thanks for the reply.”Miserable guy


6 Comments to “Chaos – The Other End Of The Story – The Marriage proposal”

  1. he’s so rude in his reply also..couldn’t even say sorry..really bad

  2. how can he be so ……. ! god!!

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