Babu and The Barbie

I have been thinking about this from long. Why girls are like this? and why boys are like that? You cannot even generalize it that all girls are just like this! and all boys are just like that! Girls are generally considered kind heart-ed while boys are emotionless. But then there are girls who are emotionless and boys who are really a sweet heart! Going much ahead there are manly women and girly men too!
What I feel is it is just the environment in which we grow decides how we are going to be. Here is a short attempt, according to my assumptions, why boys never play with dolls!
Now, I am not ready with entire plot, so I might end up writing something else or I might not even end it! But i really hope it ends!

Babu with marblesIt was a usual afternoon. Babu’s mother was busy cleaning utensils behind the hotel area. Babu was playing marbles besides her. Hotel was quiet as in the afternoon time very few customers turned up; usually travelers who would halt for lunch. So mother used the time to finish off her work. Babu’s elder brother would be in school at this time. Babu was still younger to go to school. So he would play all alone, trying to imitate his brother. He never really understood when to hit a marble with other marble and when to push it with index finger. He did it as per his convenience.

Mother was about to finish her work. There was a sound of vehicle’s horn from the hotel front side. She left her work and ran to the front rightly assuming that some customers must have arrived. Babu saw his mother, half running. He collected his marbles and went behind her.

A family had got down from a huge, black jeep and had occupied a table right at the center. And the driver was honking as they could not find the owner of the hotel. Mother came to table took order and went inside the kitchen to bring the food. They were five, Mom, Dad, a Granny and two daughters.
Babu went inside behind mother, but came out immediately. He stood near the kitchen door looking at the family. He looked the mom and the granny were discussing the weather, dad was bus talking on phone, the driver was bored and the two girls were chit chatting.

He saw, both of them were holding something in their hand. The younger one was holding it more tightly. He wanted to see what it was. He kept looking at them in a hope to get a better look at it.
The Mom thought something else, “You will have food with us? Come”
He nodded expressing no, of course he already had his lunch. Soon after some time he realized, each of them was holding a doll in their hand.

“Why don’t we have a doll? Why every time brother brings only marbles, top, ball and bat, chocolates and why not dolls? I too want a doll!” he thought.
Mother came from the kitchen with food and served it to them. He kept looking at them. He saw that the girls were feeding their dolls just as mother does to him with her hand, as if the dolls were their babies! They were also telling something in their ears just as mother tells to him.
“I too want a doll!!” He said to himself.


5 Comments to “Babu and The Barbie”

  1. nice..i suppose it’s a fiction story…good..just check for grammar and other things before you post it 🙂

  2. one ya! this is a good one.

  3. And that’s why we have G I Joe!! Kicks ass every day of the week!

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