Weekly Photo Challenge – Today!!

Today was a wonderful day. Yes, it was’, because now the day is over, and the night has begun. Actually, this post is not just about the photo challenge. Today was indeed a beautiful day. All my cousins and uncles and aunties had come to our place and we had a smashing get together! And nothing was pre-decided, it happened all of a sudden!

This picture is taken by one of my cousins and it almost shows everything. I, with my niece and rest of my cousins chit-chatting behind! We had a lot of fun! Also, I look bit tired in the pic, because I really was ;). But I am not complaining!
One funny thing to tell about my niece, I told her to smile, I said – “Smaa-ile!” And as if somebody had taught her, she raised her right hand’s index finger and placed it on her right cheek!! Wow!! 🙂 Then I told her, ” Okay then laugh now-” and then she started making sound “haa-haa-ha-ha-ha” as if even the sound was going to be captured in the photo…thatwas so funny!! And equally cute! I really wonder what exactly these kids think! 😛 😀

No doubt It was one of the happiest day of my life! Honestly speaking, I am going through some rough time and I don’t want to share it, because it is not worth it. But then, today, there wasn’t a single moment when I thought of it! It is today, that I realized what people mean when they say – “My family is my strength!” 🙂

Have a look at their days too —





11 Comments to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Today!!”

  1. Ah! first thought – you have beautiful eyes and a charming face. hahaha… 😀
    No doubt, is a happy ‘today’ and so beautiful as your cute niece’s ha-ha-ha…

    • Thanks for the compliment dear! Although I am guessing what the “hahaha” means after it… 😉 And i want a like button specially for your comments! 😀

      • Don’t give way to random guessing. That’s my regular laugh. Consider that as a complement too. Hahaha… 😀
        I thought not to comment at all. But I did as I couldn’t hold back after your niece’s ‘Hahaha’. And, the result is a feature addition to wordpress comments. Hahaha… 😀

  2. Beautiful Post..From a Beautiful Girl..!!

  3. Family and friends and the time we spend with them, always a beautiful and happy day. Wonderful photo with words full of loving heart. Thanks.

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