And once again, I give up…

This time, it’s Salsa. To be more precise it’s Cuban salsa. Frankly speaking, dance is not my cup of tea. I cannot leave my body freely and twist on even a simple song. But what I feel is, as a girl, I am supposed to know a bit of dancing, at least tip – toeing, freely. But alas! I have lost this battle…just like many others!

Relating to dance, I had also tried learning classical dance, when I was in school. Why I stopped it? Is an altogether a different story. When I had joined it first, it was really interesting. My dance teacher’s pace was good and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we shifted to other place and so I had to join another class. I did so with lot of enthusiasm. But then, here the overall teaching speed was quite slow. It really bored me. Moreover, the other students were quite younger than me who were comfortable with the speed and danced with much more keenness and enthusiasm. And yes, they did better than me. Still I continued for three years and finally left it.

It’s not just dancing; I have tried many other things like singing, playing harmonium, gymnastics, athletics, cricket, drawing, yoga. But except yoga, I didn’t find anything interesting (although I feel sports is always fun, but you don’t have to learn it!).

But my point is, many people have given me the title of ‘Jack’, 😦 “The Jack of all trades and master of none”

I really don’t mind it because I don’t care. I feel I am lucky to have tried out so many things. Actually I am luck because my parents let me try out so many things. I might not know what I like yet, but at least I know what all things I don’t want to do. Besides I also know that the athletes run on toes not on entire foot, that I can swim and survive in case of emergency, the meaning of various hand gestures of classical Indian dance, that Salsa is done on three counts, which are the octaves of a harmonium, that my body is quite flexible, that how our daily routine must be (I got to know this in Yoga class), that my knowledge of cricket is much more than many other girls!

So I prefer the entire saying –
“Jack of all trades, master of none,
certainly better than a master of one” 😉 😀

I know I am giving excuses. Maybe I am talking like a loser. But I really cannot help it. If you want to do something, you have to work hard. And it becomes easier to work hard if you find it interesting. There are already so many things in our life for which we have to work hard without liking them, and this are extra things, I got to know what I love before putting efforts, otherwise their purpose will not be achieved, which is to have fun right, no?

Still I haven’t lost hope. Now, I am learning French! But I like it and I really hope that my interest stays till I clear at least 2 levels of DELF! And  there are so many other things yet to try out, if I give up on French one day 🙂


10 Comments to “And once again, I give up…”

  1. testing testing with this twitter a/c…..landing straight into your spam with wordpress ! 🙂

  2. All the best … (for French) 🙂

  3. you are what you think you are…it’s like what do u see…half filled glass of water or half empty? u said it rightly..u r lucky in a way tht u could try many things and there’s no point continuing something which u dont find intersting… there’s no rule tht every gl should no how to move and as a dance lover i can surely say Dance is a god gift just like singing…you can learn the technique and a form of dance but u can not learn or teach comes from within…and that’s why some people outstand as a graceful dancers 🙂

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