Babu gets the Doll!!

The family was having lunch happily. Mother came and sat on steps outside the hotel, in verandah. Babu followed her with his marbles. He started playing their. He forgot about the dolls completely, and was playing marbles with full concentration.

After some time though, the girls finished their lunch. Getting bored inside, the came in verandah, of course with their dolls, and started observing Babu play. They too had never played marbles before. Although they remembered their cousin having once, by mistakenly, brought to their house in his pocket.
Babu saw the girls watching him play. He pretended as if he didn’t know and continued to play. Although he wanted to get a proper look at the dolls he didn’t. The mother told girls to seat beside her and started asking if they liked the food. They didn’t speak, just nodded assertively.

Soon after, rest all elders too finished their lunch and came out. Mother walked inside to give bills and other formalities. The mom and the granny and the driver came out. Driver went near the car while mom and granny waited outside. As the dad came out, Babu realized too many people are watching him; he soon picked up all his marbles and filled them in his pocket.

“Let us go girls” Dad said. The family went near the car and one by one, they took their seats. Both the girls took a window seat. Babu saw them leaving, with their dolls. He had still not seen them that clearly. And probably, he will never ever get a chance to see again. He stood there looking at them. All the car doors shut one after the other. And the car left. Babu, still stood there without any motion, feeling gloomy.

But then, he saw something, fallen on the ground where the car was. “Is it….?” Babu ran there to get a closer look and yes it was one of the dolls! The girls sitting at the other window had let it slip from her hand! And now Babu too had a doll! 🙂


2 Comments to “Babu gets the Doll!!”

  1. Yup! Is a good story around babu and the barbie. Finally, you let him get it.

    Thanks D 🙂

  2. ya he got one unlike in my story no disappointment…nice plot 🙂

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