When you get up early to study…

What happens when, you get up early especially to study and….there is no power???

If I would have been younger and the situation would have arrived, I would have probably felt very happy! Who wants to study here?
Situation hasn’t changed much though after growing up.

But then, an idea popped in my head, thanks to my blog! It is only because I am blogging, I thought of it and instead of studying, I ended up doing this –

😀 😀 😀 😛
Started clicking!

Dedicated to my blog and  all its regular visitors!!

And yes, I would like to know what stuff you do when there is power cut….do share it! I know it is real fun!!

And what more? I read this  thought in newspaper yesterday – 
I shall make electricity so cheap that only the rich can afford to burn candles. – Thomas Alva Edison


8 Comments to “When you get up early to study…”

  1. Lol nice post! When there’s power cut we light candles everywhere in the house and then I feel like in a movie… 😛

  2. We have gas lamps throughout the house for power outages, and we have a generator for when it lasts for a few days. All in the life of a South African!

    • Thanks for sharing! Everyone will get to know what happens at different places! 🙂
      And I would like to see the gas lamps, how they are?
      And we too have generators at some places, and mostly inverters at home, but our inverter battery also went down that day! 🙂

  3. i stayed in my grandma’s village for many months where we had power only for a few hours a day, that too just for agricultural purposes. We had four kerosene lamps/lanterns placed at different places in our house! I remember, hens walking far away from the lamps! (may be they are afraid of the heat and the light).

    I heard many stories from my grandma. I used to just lie down by her side on the same cot, playing with my fingers and saying ‘mm’, ‘mm’ to her stories.., i slipped into sleep a hundred times easily!

    The best part was to watch the sky and from that village with no light noise, i could enjoy the milky way and very bright nights! I love those times of power cut to have even now (of course, only at that place of my grand-mom).

    but now, don’t ask me… curse the fate, turn the blanket over and try to sleep for a little while! I have fascination for candles though. I like them when my mom does the lighting of the house! haha.. 😀

  4. Very nice shots by the way! the first is a stone, while the second rocks! 🙂 😀

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