They…who must not be seen

I am talking about all of them – the lizards, cockroaches , mosquitoes, spiders, caterpillars, crickets, snails and all their friends! They are so…I don’t want to even mention the feeling! Their thought itself gives me goosebumps!! Then why am I writing a whole post on them? Because I am really fed up of them and want to take away the frustration!  God!!


How can someone even think of doing that?

The very first thing that comes to my mind, when I think of them is, why has God created them? I mean everyone has their place in food chain. Like, for instance, herbivorous survive on plants, carnivorous on herbivorous, then even birds eat the dead and maintain cleanliness. But what does a lizard do? Eat cockroaches? Then what do cockroaches do? And what about mosquitoes? Do they have any work other than biting us and sucking our blood?

And spiders? Okay, now they have done a most important thing of giving birth to spider-man, and so we have few interesting comic books, cartoons and movies. And yes…the famous story of a king, who is almost on the verge of losing a battle.He has no more hopes. But then he sees a spider, who keeps on trying and trying to weave his web and succeeds. So finally he concludes, we must keep on trying, without losing hopes and then the kings goes ahead and wins the war!! Okay, but what else has spider been use to us?

Similarly, snails are generally useful only to learn the common lesson – we shouldn’t be slow, we should hurry up! What else is her use??

This is a pretty snail though!

Actually, one month back, there had been a lizard regularly visiting our balcony for a week. And since then, my mother started teasing me. Even if I wont get up on time in the morning then she would remind me of the lizard! eewe! :O Which gave me a thought of this post. 😦 A dirty one though!

What I feel is, they are just a by product of evolution and their only use to mankind is – to remind us that we have to stay clean or else they will be our uninvited guests!


7 Comments to “They…who must not be seen”

  1. I have my dearest friend who is so afraid of lizards… This post is funny enough… Etc..
    I am glad we are not just above the lizards in the food chain 😉

  2. i can tolerate mosquitoes, spiders, cocroaches but i simply can’t tolerate lizards…it’s not that i’m afraid of it but i find it so disgusting

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