Babu tells his brother

Babu was at the top of the world! He had the doll! A thing – none of his friends had, not even his brother. Of course, if his brother would have had one, Babu would have got it by now, just like all his other things.

Babu’s joy knew no bounds! He held the doll to his chest, just as the girls had done. He went to his mother, to show her the doll. She was busy with some chores, she just gave a look and continued to work. Babu came into his room to play with his new toy. He remembered, the girls treated it like their baby. He too thought of doing the same. It was a hot afternoon. He decided to put the doll to sleep, he kept her on the floor, patted her on chest, assuming that she must have slept by now,  he himself went to sleep.

There was lot of noise outside. He could hear children in his neighborhood playing outside. He could also listen to his brother’s voice! ‘That means he is back from school!  I got to show him this new thing! I have to show him the doll! He will be proud of me!’    Babu thought so. He pulled the doll from the floor, holding it in one hand, ran outside to his brother. He could see his brother playing marbles with his friends.
“ Hey brother! ”
“Look what I have got?”
“A doll!”
“What?” He looked at the doll in his hand. “You got a Barbie?” He mocked at Babu. “Are you a girl? And where did you get it?”
“I got it…”
“What do you need a doll for? Throw it away”
“But why?”
“Because, you are a boy! And boys don’t play with a doll!”


One Comment to “Babu tells his brother”

  1. haha… for me it looks like Babu’s brother tells Babu on what to do and what not to. 🙂 Exploration of a little boy’s mind… where will it take us?

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