Dream is not what you see in sleep, dream is the thing which does not let you sleep.
– Dr A P J Abdul Kalam

This week’s photo challenge gave me such a wonderful topic to write about! 🙂

I would like to categorize dreams into two types –  those, we wish, they’d turn true and the others we do not even want to dream in the first place.

Let’s first talk about the later type, we usually see them with eyes closed, as an after effect of a horror movie or TV serial or any crime report we watched earlier. So, we prefer, they wont come true, unless our most hated enemy is the victim. But, sometimes, they are so worse, we don’t want even our enemy to be that victim! 😦

I had many bad dreams and, in those such dreams, a person very close to me had died three times! Of course, I woke up with a shocked look all the three times!!! The only positive thing, I could think of is, I realized how much I need that person in my life 

I have stopped watching such stuff! 

One would say that, these dreams are the direct outcome of our thoughts or they are just the random pictures form our day to day life, compiled together by our brain (just because he doesn’t have anything worthy to do while we sleep!!)

Now, going back to the first type, they are the ones which we see with eyes open, may be good ones – if they are for ourselves,  or bad– if they are for our enemies! We so desperately want them to come true. And, as the thoughtful person has rightly said, they don’t let us sleep!

Everyone has such kind of dreams. I thought of asking people around me, what is or were their dream or dreams. And I really got some nice answers. 🙂 🙂

My mother wanted to become a police but she ended becoming a teacher! Now God save her students!

My dad wanted to become an Engineer, he became one, got a nice job, and he is satisfied. My brother told me that he wanted some numbers as his percentage in his final exam and he got them.

One of my school mates told me, he just wants to be lazy, sleep and eat nice food without doing any hard work and he wants a job that will help him to do so! Hats off!   
I asked one of my uncles and he told me that, he had never had any big dream. Today, he owns a 1BHK flat and believe me, about where I stay, it is very difficult to have your own 1 room-kitchen flat. He says, he had never thought he would ever have his own flat.

I too had a dream which already came true. I work in a company which has more than 20K employees and it has its own transport facility for them. When I was studying, I had told my mother-“One day you will see me in one of these buses!”
Now I don’t use their bus facility but I do work there. My mom is very happy about it!

I still have many more dreams which I hope, will come true sooner or later! And I know you too have one or more of them in your eyes, you are waiting, struggling or may be they are just on verge to come in reality! Do share them people!

I hope, keeping my fingers crossed, that all our dreams come true!


3 Comments to “Dreams!”

  1. What a lovely post on dreams 🙂 True: some dreams become reality but others don’t. Yet in the end I believe that whatever happens, we’ll find our happiness, be it through dreams or not.

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