An Umbrella

The bell ring broke my calm sleep. I was forced to open my eyes. I looked at the watch lying on the table next to me. It was perfect noon. Still 4 hours to go. Now what am I supposed to do with so much of free time? I am get bored again 😦

Perhaps, I am going to spend my time thinking of my glorious past, just as I do every other day. It was when I really enjoyed every moment of my life, the time when I was proud to belong to my master. The time when he worked, and took me everywhere he would go. I could see so many places, meet so many new people. πŸ™‚ Get wet in rain, enjoy the breeze. Sometimes even bath in sun! Those were the happy days of my life.

I remember the time when my owner’s grandson had come. He had taken me on a date! I very vividly remember, he took me to a five star hotel! And his girl…! She was so beautiful! I couldn’t take my eyes off her! But anyways, she never realized it and thankfully, even he didn’t. Otherwise he wouldn’t have taken me on beach with his other friends! πŸ˜‰

The owner still likes me and tries to take me out. But there are no more new places to see, no more new faces, or beautiful girls to meet. 😦
The same old garden, same old (literally) people and their lame jokes. That too just twice a day. It is once in the morning at 9 and then directly in the evening at 4. And if at all it is raining heavily or the sun is too hot, he prefers sitting home and watch TV.
In fact I am of no use to him except, as a support while walking and to frighten off the street dogs.

So, there is nothing much to look forward in life. It is just me and my friend, Mr. Wristwatch, lying on the table, wondering what’s going to happen next in our lives.


8 Comments to “An Umbrella”

  1. that was too good…you are really good in such stuff… just a little editing is required else it’s almost perfecto!… keep writing more

  2. what a wonderful post! I would not mind to propose to that wonderful Umbrella if it were a girl, for its expression! πŸ™‚
    So greatly pure, clean and awesome.

    I agree doubly with Namita that you are really good in such stuff.

  3. Got landed to this blog somehow…dun know how. May be through some other all the stuff from beginning..:) everything is wonderfully written. Took me back to my childhood days.:)One thing I noticed is, You have really worked on your Grammar..:) keep up the good work.

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