Weekly Writing Challenge – From mundane to meaningful

Suddenly, all the mundane things in my life have become very, very important, right from brushing my teeth to my walk to office to traveling two floors in a lift to buying stuffs from the market to talking to neighbors!

But out of all, the best mundane thing award goes to – “we, people in our office going for lunch together, daily”. Actually, the process is so mundane and we have got used to it so much as if it is one of our habits.

Our lunch time is 12:30. The moment the clock hits the time, our messenger starts showing pings, “Lunch?Lunch??”

Few tummies wouldn’t be free owing to heavy breakfast, while a few others crave for food!  Then some are busy with some work and want to finish it off first. While some are bored because they didn’t have any work and think lunch is an opportunity to meet people and get out of ennui.

Then finally, few people get irritated because of the hunger (or the boredom) and decide to go for lunch, they inform others which canteen they will be heading and the others follow later 🙂

There are still more things like a particular person will inform to a particular person. So if either of them is missing the other one should be ready with an explanation. It’s really difficult to manage so many people you know! We are arounf fifteen of us!

Sharing Lunch box is, again, a usual custom. Also remembering someone’s favorite food item and keeping their share without fail is specialty!

After lunch, we chit chat for sometime and get back to work. Those who have work, they work, while others begin to yawn wishing if only they could take some afternoon nap! 🙂


4 Comments to “Weekly Writing Challenge – From mundane to meaningful”

  1. I like the way you’ve taken the subject of lunch and just hinted about the personnel and what they do. Leaves a lot to the imagination. Nice 🙂

  2. 🙂 I am hungry always! my colleagues say that. 😀

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