Words…after quite a long time


Five weeks down and no new word posted on my blog! How could I let this happen?? But I did let it happen 😦 So just to make up for my mistake, I am sharing 6 words in this post, 5 for the last five weeks, and 6th for this week! 🙂

I hope I don’t repeat it next time!

1. Atrabilious – ill tempered

The word initially seemed very weird to me and I couldn’t remember it. So I decided to share it with you at least that will help me it!

Then while searching some more things about it, I found something interesting about it–

“Atrabilious” is a somewhat rare word with a history that parallels that of the more common”melancholy.” Representing one of the four bodily humors, from which it was once believed that human emotions originated, “atrabilious”derives from the Latin “atrabilis,” literally meaning “black bile.” The word “melancholy” derives from the Greek”melan-” and “chole,” which also translates as “black bile.” In its original sense, “atrabilious” meant”melancholy,” but now it is more frequently used to describe someone with an irritable or unfriendly temperament. A word with a meaning similar to that of “atrabilious” is “splenetic,” which is named after the organ in the body (the spleen) once thought to secrete black bile.

Merriam -Webster

Isn’t it nice info?

2. Ataraxy – calmness, tranquility

So after trying for atrabilious, I thought of finding something about ataraxy too. And I got this –

Ataraxy (also”ataraxia”) [at-uh-RAK-see]is a noun meaning “a freedomfrom mental unrest or disturbance; freedom from passion; a certain imperturbability or tranquility.” Here’s a sentence: The very sight of her made him feel imperceptibly aware of her every sensual detail, so he often disappeared and sought ataraxy, having failed too often among such temptation.


3. Ascesis – the exercise of self-discipline

4. Assiduous– constant, remitting.

It means once you decide to do something, you don’t stop unless it is finished.

5. Adminicle
1.term, in the Scotch and French law, for any writing or deed referred to by a party, in an action at law, for proving his allegations.
2. An ancient term for aid or support.

It comes from the word ‘Admin’, ‘administration’.

6. Afflatus – inspiration

Here, I took help from wiki. It told me –

Literally, the Latin “afflatus” means”to blow upon/toward”. It was originally spelt “adflatus,”made up of “ad” (to) and “flatus” (blowing/breathing),

In English, “afflatus” is used for this literal form of inspiration. It generally refers not to the usual sudden originality,but to the staggering and stunning blow of a new idea, an idea that the recipient may be unable to explain. In Romantic literature and criticism, in particular, the usage of “afflatus” was revived for the mystical form of poetic inspiration tied to “genius”, such as the story Coleridge offered for the composition of Kubla Khan. The frequent usage of the Aeolian harp as a symbol for the poet was a play on the renewed emphasis on afflatus.


I have really never ever used these words in my life, and I don’t know if I ever will. But I will try my best to use them in case a situation turns up and if I really remember the words 😉

This was little heavy, isn’t it? It was for me at least! 😦
But I hope it helps at the end!!


10 Comments to “Words…after quite a long time”

  1. I like this. A new way to post. 6 words from the dictionary every post, very original Diana. 😉

  2. Wow girl! A bunch of words, 4 of them have connection to my current state of mind and behaviour sometimes! As always, thanks for sharing impressive jewels. 🙂

  3. That was an astronomic vocab lesson. 🙂

  4. I love the visual of Cap haddock going with the words lol! thank you for sharing and for following my blog 🙂

  5. don’t worry…ppl are still stopping by and leaving in awe ! 😉

  6. Nice! Your post reminds me of a section in the Reader’s Digest. I can’t exactly remember the name but it’s more for enriching ones vocabulary.

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