A Word A Week – Cowed….A different approach…

I have been posting words regularly on my blog. And lasttime, I posted 6 of them all together.

I myself believe that those were real heavy ones, very rarely found in usual conversations or writings. I had never encountered them before except in the dictionary and the vocabulary book that I was reading 😦 But still, I hoped that talking about them will help me remember them. It seems like they just don’t want to fit in my brain.

So this time I have thought of something else.

Instead of learning a word, understanding its meaning and usage, and then using it I am going to first meet the word, check it’s usage, and then find it meaning. 😉

Let us see, if then it wishes to be my friend!

The Serb, five years younger than Federer,is adamant that the key to beating the great Swiss is not to be cowed by his opponent’s reputation.*

The word is – Cowed

From the sentence, one can tell that it means ‘not toget frightened’ (by the opponent’s reputation)

And I went searching for its meaning, I found this –
To frighten with threats or a show offorce, intimidate, browbeat.

So now I can use it in a sentence as well –

Cowed by her father’s anger, she never dared to tell him the truth! (Wow!)

I also know two more words now, intimidate and browbeat!

You too can make your own sentences and share them; it might turn out to be a fun game 🙂


* I have picked this sentence from sport’s column of a newspaper site, TheTime of India.


4 Responses to “A Word A Week – Cowed….A different approach…”

  1. loved the post 🙂
    if we go searching for meaning of new words we encounter we learn so many new words 🙂


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