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September 29, 2012

It’s the Climb

Is it really OK to give up some times?
Is it only about the things that we learn during our struggle?
Is it that, it is not about whether we win or lose? Is it just about the Climb??

I am on the verge of giving up a dream. Just finding a substitute for what I really wanted.

So trying to remember this song by Miley Cyrus, The Climb.

But I think it is just an excuse… 😦

Now, Looking forward for next mountain.

September 26, 2012

To be or not to be

After having spent a lot of time thinking, I am finally ready to express my views on one of the most controversial topics – Is it better to be single or to be in a relation?

To be or not to be

No, I haven’t come to any conclusion. It is totally impossible to conclude anything at all! Everybody will have some or the other thing to talk about. Some will say they are lucky to be single while some will say they are lucky to have someone special in their lives. Some don’t like the compulsion of being attached to someone while others will feel insecure as there is nobody to care for them. 😦

Today, I am just ready to express what I feel, how people think about all this. 😉

I could categorize people into following 8 categories depending on their status and behavior –
I hope you will enjoy reading!

1.      Singles who have never been in relation before –
These people are confused. They really don’t know if they wish to be in a relation or not. They keep on observing others. When they see a couple who is happy, they feel like having a partner. And when they see a couple having trouble they couldn’t help but thank God for single status.

2.      Singles who were in relation but broke badly and who hate their ex –
They are poor souls. They loved their ex so much. But the way he or she breaks turns out to be so terrible that they lose faith in Love. They feel being single is the only way to happiness and to avoid trouble. (But isn’t that true?)

3.      Singles who were in relation but broke mutually or still love their ex –
Yet another kind of poor souls. The problem is they still love their ex. So they themselves come up with an excuse for why it didn’t work. And partly, they still have hope that they can still get back together. So they still believe that Love is very beautiful feeling and badly miss it.

4.      Singles who were in relation and broke because they didn’t actually loved their ex –
They are like – they believe in Love, but they think they are practical as well. So they believe that love alone is not enough to survive. So they don’t just want a lover, but somebody who is smart, practical enough to understand them. (They believe so only till the time they actually fall in love 😉 )

5.      In relation, madly in love and are happy –
They are love birds in human form! They are happy and content. They usually don’t have any problem with the world. Or maybe they just tend to ignore it. So they will keep on explaining you how beautiful this Love actually is 🙂 And how it gets stronger with time and all that…  (And if you fall in first 2 categories, you will not at all like it!!)

6.      In relation, aren’t happy but still love each other –
Now, they are not happy because of other issues like family problems or financial or health or any other problem associated to our basic needs. Still, they strongly believe that their Love will give them strength to face all the problems. So they support Love.

7.      In relation but don’t love each other, aren’t happy –
I couldn’t figure out their reason for being in relation. May be their partner is rich, or he/she is hot enough so that they can show off a bit or perhaps they both are very insecure to tell people that they are single and so they are just pretending that they are together. But can feel the void of a real partner. Or if they are adults, then maybe they are too much occupied with their works, no time for each other, lost charm and so on… They are neutral about love. They know it is necessary but can still do without it. 🙂

8.      In relation, don’t love each other and still happy –
They may be in relation for some monetary gains or they are like people who keep on changing partners. So it doesn’t matter to them if they love each other. They are not going to have to stick with time for long! They are just cool dudes oblivious of all the problems or maybe they have too many problems that they no more care about them! They don’t even bother to think about what is Love (Again this continues only till they fall in Love)

Only you, yourself can tell which category you belong to 😉

May be there are some more types, I am unaware of. Feel free to share if you know, it will be fun!

At the end, I feel that – You be in relation or stay single, you will have to accept that Love is one of the most beautiful things. We need to appreciate it!

September 20, 2012

Weekly Writing Challenge : Mail It In

The challenge says, we have to you use the Post by Email tool to create a new post touching on email. So here is my post on emails.

It is my first attempt to post by email so I am writing a short one this time.


When I look at my last 7 – 8 years, I can just see how the role of emails has changed as I grew up.

I used to see my brother check his mails. His inbox used to be flooded with all the forwarded mails. Of course, internet was very new at that time. So we didn’t mind reading those mails. Also, we were quite young. So we had lot of free time to go through all of them. He used to receive all the mails from only one friend. Emails were such a thing, then. I would be fascinated by all those humorous, funny emails. But I could see them only when my brother opened his inbox. 😦

So I decided to create my own email id. And then, all I had to do was to send an email to my brother’s friend! He added me in his group and I too started receiving all the forwarded mails!

Eventually, number of email senders increased from 1 to 3-4. Then I too started sending mails. I would send received mails from one friends to others. 😉
Now it sounds like wasting time 😀 😀

Then later, when all social networking sites evolved, I would check mails for notifications. Even today, I check my mails to see if I have any notification for someone liking my post or has started following my blog.

However, today I realize, how much email is useful especially in official matters. You can send important files, documents, etc through mails easily in very span of time. Also, you have receipt of it in your mailbox, so no one can deny anything. There is proof of everything.

Also, when the world is globalizing and there are so many relatives staying all around the world, it helps to communicate so fast.

The thing is, email is an important invention of Technology. We must all accept it, understand it and use it so that we make most out of it!


I hope everything goes fine! I am posting by email!!

Information contained and transmitted by this e-mail is confidential and proprietary to *****and its affiliates and is intended for use only by the recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying or use of this e-mail is strictly prohibited and you are requested to delete this e-mail immediately and notify the originator or mailadmin@*****.com. *****  does not enter into any agreement with any party by e-mail. Any views expressed by an individual do not necessarily reflect the view of *****. *****is not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information provided, through this email. The contents of an attachment to this e-mail may contain software viruses, which could damage your own computer system. While *****has taken every reasonable precaution to minimise this risk, we cannot accept liability for any damage which you sustain as a result of software viruses. You should carry out your own virus checks before opening an attachment. To know more about ***** please visit www.*****.com.
September 17, 2012

Words this week

I am late week to bring words to you. Sorry for that. I was occupied with some other important things and the coming week is going to be equally busy. May be I will explain in one of the following posts 🙂

Let us first do a quick revision for the words pf last two weeks. They were cowed, divulge, glum and demeanor! I got them all without turning back pages!

Now the problem was, other then being occupied with things is that I didn’t get any sentence that had words which I felt I should share with you. And just yesterday, my cousin gave me a Novel to read –“Shiva Trilogy – The immortals of Meluha”. I just have read few pages. No doubt the book is very interesting. I picked up a sentence from it.

The sentence is –

He squatted and perched his lithe,muscular body on the narrow ledge extending over the lake.

Of these 4 words, I could only guess the meaning of perched, past tense of verb perch, because I already knew it. It means to settle down on something. When I peeped in the dictionary, I realized that it is not just verb but also a noun. It means a rod or branch serving as a roost for a bird. Notnecessarily for a bird, it can be any place to rest or to sit for anyone of us 😉

So now squatted, past tense of squat, also has to meansomething similar. It does means to sit but it describes a specific position. Sitting, with knees bent and buttocks on or near the heels.

It also means to occupy a land without legal claim or to occupy a given piece of public land in order to acquire title to it. This meaning doesn’t fit in our context. But it has got to do with settling down.

His lithe, muscular body…

The word lithe describes body. It means gracefully flexible and often accompanied by being thin and long, (OMG! He must be so hot!!) The word is used to describe dancer as they have graceful bodies.

Now the guy rested his body one a ledge. So it has to be some place where you can sit. It can be a rock or cliff or a horizontal projection in a wall or cliff. It is not exactly a place to sit but we can sit.The protagonist described in the sentence belongs to a tribe that lives in a jungle. So he is described as resting on a ledge.

Now it’s time to make my own sentences!

1. The farmer squatted on the dry land, looking up at theempty sky, wondering when it would rain.

2. After completing 10 rounds around the garden the old man perched on the nearby bench! (Healthy guy eh?)

3. Working out daily without fail was had made his body so lithe and muscular. (Oops! Couldn’t think of anything better, please help!)

4. He kept her cloths on the closest ledge and dived intothe water.

Done with this week’s words!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a nice week ahead!
And don’t forget to share if you can think of better usage! 🙂

September 13, 2012

Weekly Writing Challenge – Stylish Imitation

Since the time I started taking writing seriously, the one blog that has guided me continuously is ‘An Evil Nymph’s blog’. Daphne, you are so creative with your thoughts as well as your writing! I am really impressed! There is so much to learn from you, the way you organize your thoughts, the way you use your words. I love it.

This week’s Writing Challenge has given me an opportunity to tell you how much I am into your blog!

The challenge says – “For this week’s exercise, tell us about a writer whose style most influenced your writing voice.” Let me tell you, I haven’t read any novel for more than 6 months. I have just been reading blogs and blogs. And Evil Nymph’s blog has really influenced my writing 🙂

So here is a post, I am trying to write in the “The Evil Nymph” style. I know I can’t imitate her that perfectly but I am just trying. I hope Daphne will not mind.

(The content is all made up because it is really difficult to guess what an Evil Nymph can think of…)


Why I spend so much time on Internet

All the people around always have this question to ask me, why do I spend so much time on internet with my eyes glued to my laptop screen?

According to me, the answer is simple. Because it fulfills all my needs. Well of course, not the earthy needs like hunger – thirst and so on. But other social needs.

One of my needs is to read. I need to read a lot and there are so many things to read on internet. It can be anything about fashion, sports, latest news, happenings in Hollywood, about famous people or it can be even about dreams, horoscope, destiny, death, after life, ghosts or anything! Then there are of course blogs to read.

It is not just reading but also writing. 🙂 Writing is my passion and it gives me more opportunities to write. Along with the blog, there are various writing competitions like Camp Nano Wrimo, which allows us to check how much we can write. I can always use a note-book or a diary (which I already do) and pen down my thoughts. But it is 20th century; I have to make use of technology as well! :P. Also I need to share my writing. Some people can get impressed and improve their writing too!  XD

Staying connected with friends is other need. I mean the world is all about being socialized. I have to stay updated about my friends at the same time it also helps me to publicize my blog. One more important thing is I get to know about people all around the world. I get to know about different countries, their culture, different people’s thought. It can be really useful sometimes while writing when you have to make your own characters in a fiction story. ^_^

Apart from all this, I can also join various communities that support different causes. In a way internet is helping such communities to achieve their aim of helping more and more needy people.

So now that you know the uses of internet, let us make optimal use of it and also try to spread smile on people’s face!

– An Evil Nymph Fan


The Daily Post also said – “After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

September 11, 2012

Chaos… Continues

What is this feeling? Why is this loneliness… the emptiness…?

Why am I so dejected, so unhappy with my life? I have everything today. A highly paid job, a position where I always wanted to be, a lavish car I dreamed to have, a proper house of my own to live in. I am settled. Yes, I have everything today. But still, there is no satisfaction. My friends envy me. My parents shower their blessings now and then and keep on telling me how I have paid back their efforts. There is nothing else left to achieve at the moment. But still the void?

May be I know the reason. It is her. It’s been around 4 months she has gone to US. And more than a month we haven’t had a conversation. I miss her. Yes I do, a lot. Although our last conversation didn’t go well, I wish to talk to her again. I want to tell her sorry. Let us forget everything that has happened so far and make a new start to our relationship. I have realized things. I have changed. I understand things better now. May be I can deal with my emotions now. I want to give it a chance. Only if I could tell her this…

In last two years, we had come so close, as friends. She was probably the only person with whom I talked daily. I didn’t share everything with her, but I would just like to spend the time. She on the other hand, told me everything. What her mother said? How her dad reacted? How her sister cried and complained? Yeah… She was always that open to me. She believed in me.

Does she still believe in me? Can we be friends again? Will she tell me everything with same faith? What if she has changed too? If she doesn’t need me anymore, if she has already started search for another guy? What if she has forgotten me? What if I am nowhere in her life?? Then…?

What should I do? Should I approach her or leave it to destiny to decide our future?


For those who are newly following me, I used to write this series, ‘Chaos’ few months back.

My friend blogger Namita had started her series – ‘Mirage, An Incomplete Love story’. It is a story of girl who wishes to have a guy in her life. When I read her few posts in the series, I felt so connected! I felt like I know the gal! And I also know the guy! I then decided to write the guys part 🙂

Today I just felt to append the story. What must be the situation between the two? What they must be thinking after so many months? I just wrote the guys part…

I am wondering what the girl must be thinking?

I hope you feel connected too!

September 7, 2012

This week, three words…

In last week, I had adopted a new approach to learn meaningof words. And I think it is going to work because I still remember the word 😛 😛

It was cowed!

But I felt like one word in a week becomes too slow. So thisweek I am sharing some more words!

I met the words in the following sentence –

Real Madridcoach Jose Mourinho isn’t going to divulge what he thinks of star player Cristiano Ronaldo’s glum demeanor.

From the sentence, one can easily say that divulge will meanthat – say, reveal, or express. And indeed it means the same.
Divulge – To make public; to several or communicate to the public; to tell(a secret) so that it may become generally known; to disclose;

Glum. Now think.It sounds like gloomy. So I guessed may be it means sad. And well, it does! If youhave guessed it so then give me a Hi-fi!!
Dictionary says it means – melancholy, gloomy, dejected.

Now you know what is glum, demeanor becomes easy to guess!! No points for guessing.
It means a person’s outward behavior,conduct, appearance or manner.

If I have to use them in sentence then –

1. The star decided to divulge about her childhood in her autobiography.
2. Employees with glum faces are often unhappy with their jobs.
3. Her happy demeanor often misleads people to think he lives a happy life. 🙂

Wow! That was fun, wasn’t it?? I hope this was useful! And do share if you can think of better usage!

Have a nice weekend!

September 5, 2012

Lord of the Rings

“Let us know about the heirloom ring that is passed on from woman to woman in your family, or the house you live in that has belonged to your family for generations. What’s important are the memories and people that these objects symbolize, not what they’re actually used for.”

This is what Erica said in the Weekly Writing Challenge Post.

Well, there is nothing that is passed from generations in our family. But I do have something that my friend gave to me. I call it my lucky charm. It’s the ring below –

When she gave me the ring at very first, on our third friendship day, I told her to change it and get me a blue color ring instead of red. And before she could bring the blue one, I had already realized the worth of this ring. So now, I have both of them. 😉

Whenever she is not with me and I have any important thing happening in my life, I wear the ring. I remember during my training sessions, we had tests and quiz every day. We also had practical exams. It was kind of grueling. And she wasn’t there with me 😦 But no worries. I had the ring. I wore it for 3 long months. My training went perfectly fine and I cleared all exams!

Now, she gave me another thing, a bracelet. I like it very much and do wear it often.

But I still feel, the ‘red ring’ is my lucky charm. It does not matter whether it goes with my dress or not. I am gonna wear it whenever I miss her 🙂

For me, it is power of all her wishes. The power of belief, that there is at least one person in the world who won’t leave my hand in any bad situation… Who will always wish for my good, however bad I may behave at times.

I love you my dear friend! And thanks for such a wonderful, Lucky gift!!

September 4, 2012

Smile for a while…

It extends from one end to the other.
Is one of the priceless possessions.
The owner may not be the richest person,
But can definitely make anyone’s day!

And the priceless possession is – ‘Smile’ 🙂

Look at her smile…

One of my friends, who is also my philosopher and guide, told me to post about ‘Smile’. He said “You may write anything that comes to your mind or you can write nothing, just leave a smiley and say – that’s what I think about smile”

Well, that is what a smile is!

(And the photo is his courtesy by the way!)

You may have it on your face for an entire day and still you may not know what it is? Or why you have it!!

We meet such people, who we feel like, should be around us always. Their presence charges up entire surrounding including us. It’s not that they speak good words or keep appreciating others. But still everyone wants them. It is the flash of smile on their face that lightens the surroundings!

I believe it has all got to do with our inner peace. If we are happy within, then it automatically reflects on our face, in our mood. It is the spirit, our willingness to succeed, to live life fullest come what may, ‘that’ makes us overcome every obstacle, with a smile!

There are times when we feel depressed, low, hiding ourselves from everyone. We cry for long hours, all alone. And then, if we happen to come in front of mirror and look at ourself… Our lips curve more, into a smile. This smile is probably even more beautiful. It is a new ray of hope.

So keep alive the spirit. Keep smiling!

September 2, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Urban

Althought August had been a great month for me as a blogger, I missed last week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.
Its already been two days since the new week has began, but I am still going to post for last week’s challenge because I really got some nice snaps, compare to my earlier ones… 🙂

After having spent a lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to accompany my mom for evening walk. She generally goes to market so that she can buy the necessary stuff for next week like fruits, vegetables, etc…
I told her “I will come with you but only on one condition, I will take my camera with me!” She agreed and three of us went to the market!

This is what we call ‘Galli’ which means lane. It’s the ‘Market ki Galli’ i.e. the lane to the market 🙂

Although the entrance seemed quite empty, the actual market had lot of crowd as expected!

We stopped by to buy some apples and pears.

The man is probably wondering what I am doing with the cam on such a busy hour 🙂

“CROWD” – That is what I understand by Urbanization. Higher standard of living, raise in salary, increase in demands, needs….More people visit markets more often eventually increasing the crowd 😦
I myself shop almost every month 😉

One of the brightest things I found in the market, it reminded me of my childhood days…

The woman in red hair is my Mom 🙂
By the way, I meant to capture the belt stand!

Finally, we had ice-cream, death by chocolate. But both of us didn’t like it.
No worries, now we know what we should not order from next time onwards 🙂

It was my first experience of clicking in public place. I enjoyed it a lot. The market is a nice theme and i feel i should spent a bit more time with the camera in the market. May be some other time. I will try to finish the project by clicking  more worthy pics 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the collecion!
Have a nice week ahead!!