Smile for a while…

It extends from one end to the other.
Is one of the priceless possessions.
The owner may not be the richest person,
But can definitely make anyone’s day!

And the priceless possession is – ‘Smile’ 🙂

Look at her smile…

One of my friends, who is also my philosopher and guide, told me to post about ‘Smile’. He said “You may write anything that comes to your mind or you can write nothing, just leave a smiley and say – that’s what I think about smile”

Well, that is what a smile is!

(And the photo is his courtesy by the way!)

You may have it on your face for an entire day and still you may not know what it is? Or why you have it!!

We meet such people, who we feel like, should be around us always. Their presence charges up entire surrounding including us. It’s not that they speak good words or keep appreciating others. But still everyone wants them. It is the flash of smile on their face that lightens the surroundings!

I believe it has all got to do with our inner peace. If we are happy within, then it automatically reflects on our face, in our mood. It is the spirit, our willingness to succeed, to live life fullest come what may, ‘that’ makes us overcome every obstacle, with a smile!

There are times when we feel depressed, low, hiding ourselves from everyone. We cry for long hours, all alone. And then, if we happen to come in front of mirror and look at ourself… Our lips curve more, into a smile. This smile is probably even more beautiful. It is a new ray of hope.

So keep alive the spirit. Keep smiling!


14 Comments to “Smile for a while…”

  1. smiling should not be considered an art or a need…it is one of the most natural things that comes to us..or anyone !
    smiling post !

  2. 🙂 Its infectious,caught it from your post..!

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