Words this week

I am late week to bring words to you. Sorry for that. I was occupied with some other important things and the coming week is going to be equally busy. May be I will explain in one of the following posts 🙂

Let us first do a quick revision for the words pf last two weeks. They were cowed, divulge, glum and demeanor! I got them all without turning back pages!

Now the problem was, other then being occupied with things is that I didn’t get any sentence that had words which I felt I should share with you. And just yesterday, my cousin gave me a Novel to read –“Shiva Trilogy – The immortals of Meluha”. I just have read few pages. No doubt the book is very interesting. I picked up a sentence from it.

The sentence is –

He squatted and perched his lithe,muscular body on the narrow ledge extending over the lake.

Of these 4 words, I could only guess the meaning of perched, past tense of verb perch, because I already knew it. It means to settle down on something. When I peeped in the dictionary, I realized that it is not just verb but also a noun. It means a rod or branch serving as a roost for a bird. Notnecessarily for a bird, it can be any place to rest or to sit for anyone of us 😉

So now squatted, past tense of squat, also has to meansomething similar. It does means to sit but it describes a specific position. Sitting, with knees bent and buttocks on or near the heels.

It also means to occupy a land without legal claim or to occupy a given piece of public land in order to acquire title to it. This meaning doesn’t fit in our context. But it has got to do with settling down.

His lithe, muscular body…

The word lithe describes body. It means gracefully flexible and often accompanied by being thin and long, (OMG! He must be so hot!!) The word is used to describe dancer as they have graceful bodies.

Now the guy rested his body one a ledge. So it has to be some place where you can sit. It can be a rock or cliff or a horizontal projection in a wall or cliff. It is not exactly a place to sit but we can sit.The protagonist described in the sentence belongs to a tribe that lives in a jungle. So he is described as resting on a ledge.

Now it’s time to make my own sentences!

1. The farmer squatted on the dry land, looking up at theempty sky, wondering when it would rain.

2. After completing 10 rounds around the garden the old man perched on the nearby bench! (Healthy guy eh?)

3. Working out daily without fail was had made his body so lithe and muscular. (Oops! Couldn’t think of anything better, please help!)

4. He kept her cloths on the closest ledge and dived intothe water.

Done with this week’s words!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Have a nice week ahead!
And don’t forget to share if you can think of better usage! 🙂


7 Comments to “Words this week”

  1. I actually had the good fortune of sharing the stage with Amish Tripathi,the writer of Immortals..Excellent writer and excellent book!
    and happy learning!

  2. haan ji mem saab!

  3. Interesting post and the comments equally interesting!
    Cheers! & regards 🙂

  4. “He kept her cloths on the closest ledge and dived intothe water”……he/she…his/her???

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