To be or not to be

After having spent a lot of time thinking, I am finally ready to express my views on one of the most controversial topics – Is it better to be single or to be in a relation?

To be or not to be

No, I haven’t come to any conclusion. It is totally impossible to conclude anything at all! Everybody will have some or the other thing to talk about. Some will say they are lucky to be single while some will say they are lucky to have someone special in their lives. Some don’t like the compulsion of being attached to someone while others will feel insecure as there is nobody to care for them. 😦

Today, I am just ready to express what I feel, how people think about all this. 😉

I could categorize people into following 8 categories depending on their status and behavior –
I hope you will enjoy reading!

1.      Singles who have never been in relation before –
These people are confused. They really don’t know if they wish to be in a relation or not. They keep on observing others. When they see a couple who is happy, they feel like having a partner. And when they see a couple having trouble they couldn’t help but thank God for single status.

2.      Singles who were in relation but broke badly and who hate their ex –
They are poor souls. They loved their ex so much. But the way he or she breaks turns out to be so terrible that they lose faith in Love. They feel being single is the only way to happiness and to avoid trouble. (But isn’t that true?)

3.      Singles who were in relation but broke mutually or still love their ex –
Yet another kind of poor souls. The problem is they still love their ex. So they themselves come up with an excuse for why it didn’t work. And partly, they still have hope that they can still get back together. So they still believe that Love is very beautiful feeling and badly miss it.

4.      Singles who were in relation and broke because they didn’t actually loved their ex –
They are like – they believe in Love, but they think they are practical as well. So they believe that love alone is not enough to survive. So they don’t just want a lover, but somebody who is smart, practical enough to understand them. (They believe so only till the time they actually fall in love 😉 )

5.      In relation, madly in love and are happy –
They are love birds in human form! They are happy and content. They usually don’t have any problem with the world. Or maybe they just tend to ignore it. So they will keep on explaining you how beautiful this Love actually is 🙂 And how it gets stronger with time and all that…  (And if you fall in first 2 categories, you will not at all like it!!)

6.      In relation, aren’t happy but still love each other –
Now, they are not happy because of other issues like family problems or financial or health or any other problem associated to our basic needs. Still, they strongly believe that their Love will give them strength to face all the problems. So they support Love.

7.      In relation but don’t love each other, aren’t happy –
I couldn’t figure out their reason for being in relation. May be their partner is rich, or he/she is hot enough so that they can show off a bit or perhaps they both are very insecure to tell people that they are single and so they are just pretending that they are together. But can feel the void of a real partner. Or if they are adults, then maybe they are too much occupied with their works, no time for each other, lost charm and so on… They are neutral about love. They know it is necessary but can still do without it. 🙂

8.      In relation, don’t love each other and still happy –
They may be in relation for some monetary gains or they are like people who keep on changing partners. So it doesn’t matter to them if they love each other. They are not going to have to stick with time for long! They are just cool dudes oblivious of all the problems or maybe they have too many problems that they no more care about them! They don’t even bother to think about what is Love (Again this continues only till they fall in Love)

Only you, yourself can tell which category you belong to 😉

May be there are some more types, I am unaware of. Feel free to share if you know, it will be fun!

At the end, I feel that – You be in relation or stay single, you will have to accept that Love is one of the most beautiful things. We need to appreciate it!


9 Comments to “To be or not to be”

  1. Entirely agree. Please allow me to add :

    How to differentiate among – crush, infatuation, attraction, lust, love and finally Life-partner !! 😀

  2. ooye haa! D, what’s going on! liked the way it evolved. good grab actually!

    precisely, leave, love and live!

    leave loving, leave living!
    love leaving, love living!
    live leaving, live loving!
    leave leaving, love loving and live living!


  3. That’s a great list! It’s nice to hear people’s personal opinions on such love stuff 🙂 Since I’m still young, I’m still in the first category! lol observing…

  4. The bitter ones are the worst…..woo! Wouldn’t want to be on the hating end. Yikes!

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