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October 26, 2012


I feel like I just got tagged at the right time! Why? I don’t know. I just felt so…

Thanks Nithin of the Colorfade for tagging me and giving me the opportunity to tag others! Thanks a lot!

As per the Blogathon rules –

1.   Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2.  They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.
3.  They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4.  They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
5.  These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6.  There are no tag backs.

So now, here are 11 things about myself –

1.       Once my favorite color was Blue, then it was Red and now it is Purple!

2.       I don’t believe that things happen. It is always we who are responsible to make them happen.

3.       I believe in God. Have I told this before?

4.       I write my blogs in my office, on my desk 😉 Please don’t tell my boss.

5.       But I cannot post them from my office as the site is blocked. So I save them in drafts and post after                                           coming home!

6.       I am too busy to get angry, these days! And I am loving it!

7.       Still, it irritates me when people keep on asking me if I am angry…

8.       I remember what I used to do in my childhood. But I don’t remember what I did yesterday 😦 Same with you all?

9.       I have a friend who calls me and treats me like a Princess!

10.   I have newly developed interest in Origami!

11.   I am finding it really difficulty to write 11 things about myself…

Answers to Questions asked by Nithin

1. What’s your hobby, off course after blogging?
I love to listen to music, listen to the words wrapped in it. I try to learn lyrics and connect it with my life.Actually this comes before blogging because I cannot even spend a single day without music!

2. What makes you strong?
The fact  that there are people who love me, who hope that I am what they believe I am, that I am capable of fulfilling their dreams they have seen for me. There is no point living for our own self. When we start wanting things for our self, we become more greedy and we don’t realize worth of people around us, who work hard for us daily, love us without any expectations, etc… If I will say more it will get boring. 🙂

3. A place you wish to visit before you die?
Of course, France! I don’t know why I chose to study French. But since then I always have dreamt of going to France!

4. What’s your biggest dream?
I want to do something that will make my mother proud of me. I know she is already proud of what I am but I want to do something that will make her feel that her child is extraordinary… Yes that is my biggest dream!

5. How did you start blogging?
One of my school friends started blogging. He posted his link on FB. And when I went through his blog, I felt I should also write one.
And here I am… In this beautiful Blogworld! Playing blogathon!

6. Suggest me a book?
It’s not about bikes, by Lance Armstrong.I think its a must read book by everyone.  Very positive.

7. Your favorite movie?
There are many…Difficult to list out one. I like the Bourne trilogy (haven’t seen the fourth yet) as well as the Batman series.
Amongst animated, I like – The Incredibles, Ice Age 1,2,3 (didn’t see 4th), Kungfu Panda 1,2 and also The monstrous house.
Romantic – P S I love you.

8. Do you have a pet, I am listening…?

Pet? A complete no – no. I don’t like animals at home. Actually I don’t even like cats and dogs on street.
I believe in – Live and let live… 😉

9. What’s the word that defines you best?


10. A sweet moment from your life?

🙂 It was when, I met my niece after some 6-7 months and she is just 4 years old. When she saw me, she felt so shy and began to hide behind her mother, my sister! Wow! It was so sweet…! Like we will do if our favorite actor will come in front of us! We will not know what to do and will want to hide our face somewhere! Blushing!!

11. What was the scariest thing you had when you were a child?

This is funny. I was scared of my mother! Actually, she is very strict. And we, both of her children, me and my brother, we are like very careless and naughty . So you never know when you will get caught while doing something wrong and then…

And then My questions –

1.       Share one or more things that blogging has taught you

2.       Share one or more things about blogging that you want to change.

3.       Between present and past, what is the biggest good/bad change in You?

4.       How do you prefer to spend your free time?

5.       Which place will you chose – an evening on beach, snow clad mountains, a night in desert, a cool garden or at home with AC on in front of TV.

6.       Which new language you will like to learn?

7.       Have you prayed for something? What is that? Did you get it?

8.       If I had got one more chance… Have you ever felt so?

9.       Which fiction character could you relate to the most?

10.   Which is your favorite Cartoon character?

11.   Are you afraid of dark?

Here is the last task – Tagging other bloggers

It has been just recently I made few new friends, I am going to tag them all as I want to know about. But the list also contains few old friends too! And I know the count is more than 11, but it’s OK… It is just a game! 🙂

1.  Supriya

2. Sumera

3. Psuedomonaz

4. Aisha

5. Namita

6. Angelia

7. Surendranath

8. Natalie

9. Nirav

10. Hitesh Patel

11. Dilip

12. Hibiscus Rosa Noor

13. VandySnape

14. Nabadip

15. Shobha Menon

16. Zee

17. Vivek

18. And Shash!

People, it is not award to accept or not to accept. It is just a tag game that makes you think 11+11+11+11 times 😉

So enjoy it!

October 21, 2012


I have always wanted to take snaps of sparrows.
I feel like they are everywhere around us and still they just go unnoticed, because they are in large numbers. But they have their own beauty. They look so peaceful and calm… They look so humble.
As if it doesn’t matter to them whether people appreciate their presence/existence or not.
They are in their own world, busy with their lives… 🙂

My mother daily serves some food for them in a plate, in our window.
So we always hear their chirping whenever they are hungry 🙂

That’s why I always felt like taking their pics, but I don’t know what they interpret it when I hold my Camera in front of them. Maybe they think of it as a gun or something 😦
And they fly away…

And then I am left with my Camera and the empty plate…

But I know they will come tomorrow again… 🙂

I love their naive nature. It is so difficult to find such people in real life.
Or perhaps, they too go unnoticed like the Sparrows…

October 18, 2012

Why do I BLOG?

Since very long time, thoughts have been flowing through my mind. But I didn’t get time to write them down. So finally, here I am ready with my post. The post is mainly like talking to myself…

It goes like this.

I logged in my WordPress account and I saw a ‘+’ in the notification box and my heart jumped with joy! I got one more follower! But oh… it is my 76th follower, still a long way to go for 100. I was disappointed.

The very moment, I started thinking – should I really be disappointed because I don’t have enough followers? Should I really bother if anyone reads my blog or anyone really cares about what I write? Do people even read it? Or they just try to be kind and give me some hits and like? Or some of them may want me to do the same for their… So should I really bother about them? I mean I write for myself, because I feel like writing. So that means I don’t care if people really find it interesting or not.

But then, why am I posting it on a blog? I can instead just write it and save it on my PC. No need of creating a blog and try to be so regular in posting my thoughts. Also, I can make it private so that it will remain safe and secured.

And there are so many other people who claim that they write for themselves, then why do they even bother to post it?

Well, well, well…

Then, A very horrifying thought passed my mind! What if all the writers whose work we read, who inspire us, whom we follow had decided to write only for themselves rather than sharing with us? How we would have known so many things, things about words, about writing, about different feelings, different people, different places, different situations? How we would have known that there are so many people out there, who are just like us, who feel sad, feel nervous, sometimes guilty about over own doings? Who get angry on their loved ones just like us, who miss their friends during troubled times… who fall in love, who dump others, who get dumped, who move on…

Honestly speaking, when I started blogging, I really didn’t know what to write or how to write. I spent couple of months just reading other blogs. And the reading not only taught me about blogging but it helped me to get out of the rut I was stuck in. I found various people who had once stuck up like me, and after trying hard, they got out of it. And each one of them had different interpretation of it, different view to look at it. Although they were concluding the same thing that there is always a way out. It helped me a lot.

Not just this, many blogs made me laugh, cry, think… Sometimes we just don’t pay attention to things until someone points it out to us. And sometimes people close to us keep on telling us but we don’t bother to listen. While somebody else tell the same thing, we feel it is more correct. It is just human nature though. 🙂

Coming back to the point…

So this is the reason why I think I should write a blog and share it with the world. Because you never, you may be that someone who is pointing out something to someone else and that one thing can just change that person’s life. Sharing is most important of all things!

Now, do I want followers? Yes I do. Because when I know who is following me and what kind of posts they like, I can just write accordingly. For example, if I have followers only from my country I can use some poems, phrases, etc in my language without having to explain what it means. But if I have global followers then I need to explain what it means otherwise there is not point writing it, they will never understand what I want to say…

And if I know that one of my followers is going through some ups and downs in her life, as I would be her follower too, then I can probably write a cheerful or encouraging post that shall make her day!

Okay. So finally I am at something. That is, when next time I see a plus sign in my notifications, I need not worry about my conscience. I have a reason for why I share my writing and why I need followers. So I am just going to enjoy the feeling without worrying much! I hope this post will help you if you too are stuck in the conscience whirlpool 🙂

~ Diana

October 15, 2012

Chaos – The Unexpected

What is it about girls? Do they become more beautiful with age?

Her image was stuck in my eyes.
Her every single feature was so beautiful. Her eyes, her nose, her lips…
And her hands, they are soft too… I didn’t feel like leaving them after our dance. She is so graceful! A perfect Cinderella kind of! I wish if i could get one more chance to see her, to spend an evening with her, just talk with her, know her a bit more.

I went back to the evening of our reunion, two days back. I felt as if I remembered every single moment when I was with her. I could recollect all the expressions that touched her pretty face in those wonderful 4 hours. Every single word that dropped sunk into her melodious voice, every single gesture  made her moments more meaningful… Oh God! I was in heaven or what??

I smiled, and smiled, and smiled.  I wanted to ask her number, but I just didn’t want to show my impatience. And I knew, my friend will anyway have it. I can take from him anytime. Perhaps it was the time now… I took out my cell from pocket to call him-
-1 unread message-
“Dude, check our photos on FB… we rocked…
also look at photos of you too…  you look ***** ;)”

I blushed… Couldn’t wait to log into FB account. Entered my ID twice as it went wrong at first attempt. Then I slowed my speed, because I didn’t want to type that long password twice… Finally logged in…

I was about to check our photos when I saw an update –
… is Committed

What? She found someone in US??

[This was the last post of this season of Chaos, the other side of Mirage. I hope you enjoyed it!]

October 8, 2012

Chaos – Trying to move on [part II]

[here is part I – Chaos – Trying to move on ]

No, I don’t regret having come to the reunion!

In fact, I am so very thankful to my dearest friend, who made me take promise to come here, even after cursing him so many times! Thanks a ton dear! May God bless you!

Well, I am happy… very happy. It’s like, God wanted me to come to this party. So that I can make a new start. So that I can have some “life” in my “life”! Oh! May be I am talking some rubbish. But yes, I am that happy. You call me mad, and still I wont mind! 😀

As my friend started to re-introduce the other guys to me, well, I literally felt like – going back so many years. And as if each day of my school was here – in front of me! There were so many events, moments associated with every single person present there!

Ours was a group of 12. We used to sit 3 on a bench and we would occupy last benches of all the 4 rows! That was so much fun! Especially the last year. That Maths teacher, her lectures, throwing paper balls, acting over smart by solving all questions before time! Then the social science lectures! We would never do her home work! And still she would check every day with a hope that a one day she will find our books complete!

And those recess games, fights with other division people, eating lunch boxes as if we had never seen food before! Those days were so much fun! And today is so rejuvenating!

And the best part was the dance. I danced with her! I had met her first, when we had gathered for a dance competition’s audition. And then were partners for the dance! As if God wants to give me a chance!

I tried to be normal. I didn’t flirt with her. I was OK. Actually I just didn’t feel like. And besides, there was my group, ready to tease me any moment!

Oh God! I wish the day never ends!

October 5, 2012

Chaos – Trying to move on

It is true when people say – School days are never going to come back. Even if we meet all the same people again, may be in the same class room and seat beside our friends on same bench, the feeling is always going to be different. Yes, the days won’t come back again. At least I felt so, till today.


After my friend forced me a lot, I had finally agreed to come to our reunion bash. And here I was, stuck up in all the mess!

I was not at all in the mood to party. After the tiring week, it is just 1 Sunday that I get to rest, and these people want to meet for a reunion, have drinks and dance in DJ! I can give you 5000 bucks but just please leave me alone!!!

When I reached there, as expected, everybody was very excited. Loud music was being played. I was trying to find my best mate, as he was the only person I was in touch with and of course, his was the only face I could have recognized after 14 long years. There was a small stage with a light glowing from above it. People were coming on stage. Some dancing. Some singing in groups, the songs they used to sing in school. Some were cracking old jokes, sharing their memories, getting emotional, shading tears. And I… was trying to guess who is who!

After almost half an hour, I saw a familiar face. No, it wasn’t my mate. It was a girl, one of the rare girls with whom I spoke. I tried to remember her name, and I could recollect it immediately. It was her, I had crush on during those days. Oh God! She still looks the same! Why wasn’t I able to recognize her? May be I had forgotten her completely.

She was talking to others, I thought of approaching her as I did remember her name. So I thought it would be less embarrassing. I was moving towards her when somebody came and hugged me tightly! It was my buddy! “Thanks for making it! It means a lot to me!!”
“Anything for you bud”, I replied.

To be continued…

[It is the part of series Chaos. As the girl decides to move on, why shouldn’t the boy as well move on?? He may or he may not move on, but he can definitely think of ;)]

October 3, 2012

Loving the Busy-ness!!

First of all, I am sorry for posting such a sad note, earlier. (Although I must say that the song is quite positive!)

Well, I have just come to tell you that I don’t feel sad anymore or lost or defeated. And yes, I am not giving up any dream. (If you remember I had mentioned that I am on the verge of giving up my dream and thankfully, I haven’t yet!!)

Today, I have just come to tell you that, I am really very, very busy. But I do miss you all. I miss blogging, I miss my fellow bloggers, their comments, chatting to them through GTalk, reading their blogs, commenting and everything else i.e. behaving like a regular blogger. Although I do read some blogs as I get time and I at least like the posts that I read (of course, if I like them)

So, here I am to say “Hi” to all of you.

It is not that I cannot think of anything to post. There are so many things I can think once i decide. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time. If you remember my posy, Filled vessel, then it is the time that I have started realising the weight of the vessel. (Ouch! It’s too heavy!) But I am okay with it. I am really enjoying it. It is like… you don’t have time to think about sad things, about people who betrayed you, about things that make you angry. You are so occupied with other important things that there is no time to worry about rubbish things!

You just move on. You cannot afford to give anyone, any chance to pull you back. You know, if you give your best now, the coming days will be bright! The realisation helps you to keep going.

Oh yes! I am not giving up my dream!

I am going to climb the mountain once again!!