Loving the Busy-ness!!

First of all, I am sorry for posting such a sad note, earlier. (Although I must say that the song is quite positive!)

Well, I have just come to tell you that I don’t feel sad anymore or lost or defeated. And yes, I am not giving up any dream. (If you remember I had mentioned that I am on the verge of giving up my dream and thankfully, I haven’t yet!!)

Today, I have just come to tell you that, I am really very, very busy. But I do miss you all. I miss blogging, I miss my fellow bloggers, their comments, chatting to them through GTalk, reading their blogs, commenting and everything else i.e. behaving like a regular blogger. Although I do read some blogs as I get time and I at least like the posts that I read (of course, if I like them)

So, here I am to say “Hi” to all of you.

It is not that I cannot think of anything to post. There are so many things I can think once i decide. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time. If you remember my posy, Filled vessel, then it is the time that I have started realising the weight of the vessel. (Ouch! It’s too heavy!) But I am okay with it. I am really enjoying it. It is like… you don’t have time to think about sad things, about people who betrayed you, about things that make you angry. You are so occupied with other important things that there is no time to worry about rubbish things!

You just move on. You cannot afford to give anyone, any chance to pull you back. You know, if you give your best now, the coming days will be bright! The realisation helps you to keep going.

Oh yes! I am not giving up my dream!

I am going to climb the mountain once again!!


14 Comments to “Loving the Busy-ness!!”

  1. good to be busy!

  2. Loved your determination Diana. Come what may, we should never give up HOPE. May you soar high in whatever you aim to achieve. My wishes with you. 🙂


  3. That’s great! Positive thoughts like this are what you need 🙂 Hi!!

  4. ah thats likely,better…move on…

  5. Same pinch dear…! Damn busy and hectic days..But just loving it all the ways… And yes to give are no we… 🙂

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