Chaos – Trying to move on

It is true when people say – School days are never going to come back. Even if we meet all the same people again, may be in the same class room and seat beside our friends on same bench, the feeling is always going to be different. Yes, the days won’t come back again. At least I felt so, till today.


After my friend forced me a lot, I had finally agreed to come to our reunion bash. And here I was, stuck up in all the mess!

I was not at all in the mood to party. After the tiring week, it is just 1 Sunday that I get to rest, and these people want to meet for a reunion, have drinks and dance in DJ! I can give you 5000 bucks but just please leave me alone!!!

When I reached there, as expected, everybody was very excited. Loud music was being played. I was trying to find my best mate, as he was the only person I was in touch with and of course, his was the only face I could have recognized after 14 long years. There was a small stage with a light glowing from above it. People were coming on stage. Some dancing. Some singing in groups, the songs they used to sing in school. Some were cracking old jokes, sharing their memories, getting emotional, shading tears. And I… was trying to guess who is who!

After almost half an hour, I saw a familiar face. No, it wasn’t my mate. It was a girl, one of the rare girls with whom I spoke. I tried to remember her name, and I could recollect it immediately. It was her, I had crush on during those days. Oh God! She still looks the same! Why wasn’t I able to recognize her? May be I had forgotten her completely.

She was talking to others, I thought of approaching her as I did remember her name. So I thought it would be less embarrassing. I was moving towards her when somebody came and hugged me tightly! It was my buddy! “Thanks for making it! It means a lot to me!!”
“Anything for you bud”, I replied.

To be continued…

[It is the part of series Chaos. As the girl decides to move on, why shouldn’t the boy as well move on?? He may or he may not move on, but he can definitely think of ;)]


8 Responses to “Chaos – Trying to move on”

  1. reminiscence is a good feeling…smile,but never surrender to it.

  2. arey wah! you starting filling me! glad you didn’t choose to kills us all this time. 🙂

    nice one D. 🙂

  3. btw, like this theme and the header photo! 🙂

  4. Indeed, after school, it’s never the same again…
    Great little piece of writing! Keep it up!


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