Chaos – Trying to move on [part II]

[here is part I – Chaos – Trying to move on ]

No, I don’t regret having come to the reunion!

In fact, I am so very thankful to my dearest friend, who made me take promise to come here, even after cursing him so many times! Thanks a ton dear! May God bless you!

Well, I am happy… very happy. It’s like, God wanted me to come to this party. So that I can make a new start. So that I can have some “life” in my “life”! Oh! May be I am talking some rubbish. But yes, I am that happy. You call me mad, and still I wont mind! 😀

As my friend started to re-introduce the other guys to me, well, I literally felt like – going back so many years. And as if each day of my school was here – in front of me! There were so many events, moments associated with every single person present there!

Ours was a group of 12. We used to sit 3 on a bench and we would occupy last benches of all the 4 rows! That was so much fun! Especially the last year. That Maths teacher, her lectures, throwing paper balls, acting over smart by solving all questions before time! Then the social science lectures! We would never do her home work! And still she would check every day with a hope that a one day she will find our books complete!

And those recess games, fights with other division people, eating lunch boxes as if we had never seen food before! Those days were so much fun! And today is so rejuvenating!

And the best part was the dance. I danced with her! I had met her first, when we had gathered for a dance competition’s audition. And then were partners for the dance! As if God wants to give me a chance!

I tried to be normal. I didn’t flirt with her. I was OK. Actually I just didn’t feel like. And besides, there was my group, ready to tease me any moment!

Oh God! I wish the day never ends!


9 Comments to “Chaos – Trying to move on [part II]”

  1. very well written piece!

  2. yes,it feels like heaven…but evanescent this paradise is…glad you are happy… : )

  3. Oh yeah!! this one – Do you have any device to track me? lol!! 😀

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