Chaos – The Unexpected

What is it about girls? Do they become more beautiful with age?

Her image was stuck in my eyes.
Her every single feature was so beautiful. Her eyes, her nose, her lips…
And her hands, they are soft too… I didn’t feel like leaving them after our dance. She is so graceful! A perfect Cinderella kind of! I wish if i could get one more chance to see her, to spend an evening with her, just talk with her, know her a bit more.

I went back to the evening of our reunion, two days back. I felt as if I remembered every single moment when I was with her. I could recollect all the expressions that touched her pretty face in those wonderful 4 hours. Every single word that dropped sunk into her melodious voice, every single gesture  made her moments more meaningful… Oh God! I was in heaven or what??

I smiled, and smiled, and smiled.  I wanted to ask her number, but I just didn’t want to show my impatience. And I knew, my friend will anyway have it. I can take from him anytime. Perhaps it was the time now… I took out my cell from pocket to call him-
-1 unread message-
“Dude, check our photos on FB… we rocked…
also look at photos of you too…  you look ***** ;)”

I blushed… Couldn’t wait to log into FB account. Entered my ID twice as it went wrong at first attempt. Then I slowed my speed, because I didn’t want to type that long password twice… Finally logged in…

I was about to check our photos when I saw an update –
… is Committed

What? She found someone in US??

[This was the last post of this season of Chaos, the other side of Mirage. I hope you enjoyed it!]


9 Comments to “Chaos – The Unexpected”

  1. arey wah!!

    you started playing again with this poor fellow!

    enjoyed! 🙂

  2. last post??? what happened? i hope it’s not because of my feedback…do write more dear..i’ll drop ion when i’ll feel like

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