Why do I BLOG?

Since very long time, thoughts have been flowing through my mind. But I didn’t get time to write them down. So finally, here I am ready with my post. The post is mainly like talking to myself…

It goes like this.

I logged in my WordPress account and I saw a ‘+’ in the notification box and my heart jumped with joy! I got one more follower! But oh… it is my 76th follower, still a long way to go for 100. I was disappointed.

The very moment, I started thinking – should I really be disappointed because I don’t have enough followers? Should I really bother if anyone reads my blog or anyone really cares about what I write? Do people even read it? Or they just try to be kind and give me some hits and like? Or some of them may want me to do the same for their… So should I really bother about them? I mean I write for myself, because I feel like writing. So that means I don’t care if people really find it interesting or not.

But then, why am I posting it on a blog? I can instead just write it and save it on my PC. No need of creating a blog and try to be so regular in posting my thoughts. Also, I can make it private so that it will remain safe and secured.

And there are so many other people who claim that they write for themselves, then why do they even bother to post it?

Well, well, well…

Then, A very horrifying thought passed my mind! What if all the writers whose work we read, who inspire us, whom we follow had decided to write only for themselves rather than sharing with us? How we would have known so many things, things about words, about writing, about different feelings, different people, different places, different situations? How we would have known that there are so many people out there, who are just like us, who feel sad, feel nervous, sometimes guilty about over own doings? Who get angry on their loved ones just like us, who miss their friends during troubled times… who fall in love, who dump others, who get dumped, who move on…

Honestly speaking, when I started blogging, I really didn’t know what to write or how to write. I spent couple of months just reading other blogs. And the reading not only taught me about blogging but it helped me to get out of the rut I was stuck in. I found various people who had once stuck up like me, and after trying hard, they got out of it. And each one of them had different interpretation of it, different view to look at it. Although they were concluding the same thing that there is always a way out. It helped me a lot.

Not just this, many blogs made me laugh, cry, think… Sometimes we just don’t pay attention to things until someone points it out to us. And sometimes people close to us keep on telling us but we don’t bother to listen. While somebody else tell the same thing, we feel it is more correct. It is just human nature though. 🙂

Coming back to the point…

So this is the reason why I think I should write a blog and share it with the world. Because you never, you may be that someone who is pointing out something to someone else and that one thing can just change that person’s life. Sharing is most important of all things!

Now, do I want followers? Yes I do. Because when I know who is following me and what kind of posts they like, I can just write accordingly. For example, if I have followers only from my country I can use some poems, phrases, etc in my language without having to explain what it means. But if I have global followers then I need to explain what it means otherwise there is not point writing it, they will never understand what I want to say…

And if I know that one of my followers is going through some ups and downs in her life, as I would be her follower too, then I can probably write a cheerful or encouraging post that shall make her day!

Okay. So finally I am at something. That is, when next time I see a plus sign in my notifications, I need not worry about my conscience. I have a reason for why I share my writing and why I need followers. So I am just going to enjoy the feeling without worrying much! I hope this post will help you if you too are stuck in the conscience whirlpool 🙂

~ Diana


25 Comments to “Why do I BLOG?”

  1. Very ver well put!
    Blogging is,I guess now more a habit for all of us..And I do not worry about why the habit is a habit!it just is: D

    • Thank you Nabadip 🙂
      And I completely agree when you say blogging is more a habbit… because I was so busy and still I could think of various topic I can write about… I could not stop myself from not posting anything…
      And thanks for reading it, i have never written 700+ words before…

  2. not everyone that read your blog follows you so it never should be restricted according to the kind of followers you got…blog is your space to share your feelings and thoughts,,opinions and views…it meant to differ from your readers at some point…coming back to having followers is of course a very good feeling…it motivates you to write more when you know at least these many people gonna read your stuff ;)..write what you feel irrespective of no and type of followers 🙂

  3. I’ve been blogging since 2009. I went through this too…..what’s the point?…..kind of thing. But now, looking back, I have created a journal and a journey. It is rich in life and I am so grateful I stuck with it…for me, and for everyone that inspired each blog post. I think your revelation was spot on. Blogging is a wonderful warm community and many, MANY care. And the best part is being able to see the history of it and the followers that commented and liked or commented long after that post is past date. 🙂

    • Yes, you said it right. After some point of time it doesn’t matters who read posts.
      And only after we look back that we realize how long we have come 🙂
      I am sure when I will read this comment after few days, months or years… it will be equally warm!
      Thank you Angelia 🙂

  4. Same to you + Same pinch 🙂 for all above words !!!

    as i am not the part of facebook , twitter or any other social media and as i was tending towards the blog more day by day , i decided to start a blog . but then came 1 follower . . .10 . . 30 . . 50 . . oh my god , i couldn’t handle this . . now last week 2 followers left me & it suddenly stroked me that , who were they ? what was the reason ? . . .but very next day 2 new followers joined me !. . .

    but after all these ups & downs . . i come to the point , that i blog just & just for the reason , Bcz i just passionate about this crazy thing . . and people gave me awesome response on the way , so now , i can not think for my self only , besides i have to think for them also . . .so forgive this all things & mind it this . .” All is well if end is well ” 🙂 :):) :):):)

    • Wow!
      Nice to know that you only blog and don’t use any other social networking!
      Keep blogging with same passion! 🙂
      And keep think of your followers too 😉
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Very well written Diana!


  6. Nice one… it seems many a times we sail in the same boat.. 🙂

  7. i just put up a recent photo and say a few words sorta share some of my day

  8. there are people who seriously reads them all, ok diana 🙂 ?

  9. Oh this ‘+’ sign… makes an inner party going on inside 😉
    These are interesting thoughts… and you know, although not all your followers truly read your blog, at least you know that some of them do care! even if one person only cares about what I write… well I write!

  10. I also used to wait for that plus sign initially. But, these days I hardly get time to get happy about it because the ‘notifications’ will have dragged my attention to somebody’s new post by that time. 🙂

  11. I always used to say this to my friends “A blog is an entity”.:D.

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