Little something to share

Hello friends!

Post Diwali, there is a kind change happening in me, and I am loving it.

It has been long time, when I must have read a good novel with so much of zeal and enthu. Not just this, but I hadn’t even seen a good Hollywood movie in months. And in this week, I did both! I had started reading this novel, “The Immortals of Meluha” long back. Although I found it very interesting, I couldn’t manage to read it properly, continuously. And now I don’t know what has happened to me, I just feel like finishing off the novel! And I know, tomorrow, by this time I will be done.

Also, I saw an Arnold movie, Eraser. I liked it too!

What more? I have started watching Cartoon Network and my new favourite is “The Oggy and the Cockroaches”. I made few origami birds, a butterfly, a hat, a row of lanterns. And now i am thinking of trying out a new thing i.e. Nail art. I don’t know when i will begin with this craze, but I will soon do it, I at least hope so!

Whats new with you all? Do share it! May be that can be the next new thing I will want to try out!!


5 Comments to “Little something to share”

  1. Lots of happening there , huh 😉 Reading / Watching /Art . . & meanwhile Post also !

    However the book ” The Immortals of Meluha ” was the reason to start my blog , it was my first post . . & the journey is still going on . . .

    One push & i am still busy in this lovely blog world 🙂

    Here is that link ;

    Nirav 🙂

    • hey…I went through your post…
      But unfortunately I don’t understand Gujrati 😦
      But I read one of your comments which was in English and I got the gist of your thoughts! 🙂 And I completely agree with you!!

  2. I’ve read all three of the trilogy and they make such an interesting read. It’s difficult to put it down once started. Although even I was also pretty slow when I started that book!

  3. Ahh starting new stuff. It stirs creativity and makes you feel definitely better! What I’m doing is making DIY jewelleries – a new and fun way of creation 🙂

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