When I see a male figure…

When I see a male figure,
I see a brother who wants to protect his sisters till his last breath,
I see a father, who wants to see his daughters happy throughout their life,
I see a teacher, who wants his students to excel,
I see a husband, who wants to fulfill every single wish of his wife,
I see a son, who wants to do something that will make his mother proud of him.

So guys, why do you do something that will burn such a beautiful image of you in our hearts?


A 23 year old girl, was gang raped by 6 men in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The girl is in Intensive Care Unit with her intestine removed and several injuries over head and other parts of the body. Her male friend too, was hit in head with an iron rod and was made conscious.

It is sad, disgusting, humiliating.
What are we supposed to do? Where has all the humanity gone? I wonder when I see a male figure… 😦


11 Comments to “When I see a male figure…”

  1. Sad state of affairs. seriously!

  2. Me also wrote regarding this in my blog 😦 😦

    Nw, made myself mute after a long useless verbal reaction. For, want action to take over. It’s high time to need a total deconstruction….

  3. Indeed that was a horrible incident. 😦 Why rape, oh men whom we consider as brothers and protective figures? Why rape on such a festive season!

  4. Such a tragedy Diane. My heart and prayers go out to her. I really do pray voices like yours and others will bring light to this darkness.

  5. Hmm.
    Don’t call them men though.They are beasts.or don’t.that would be insulting the beasts.
    How I want to burn them alive..

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