Happy New Year!!

So here I am, with my first post of 2013!

First of all, wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013! May the year brings lot of joy, happiness, new experiences and help you grow a bit! 🙂

For me, 2012 was too much! I think, I learned too many new things, and all together it was very heavy, till the last day 😛
I am still thinking about all the events that occurred all round the year, and trying to figure out the lesson I should learn from them. Some how I know, that I have learned many new things, I have indeed grown up.

But I don’t want 2013 to be like this. I just want to chill out this year! Lot of pouring has been done already and I am not going to do that again. This is what 2012 taught me. That even after so many things, life can be lived as normal as it was before. As if nothing happened, as if you are grown up and still you can forget it and behave like kids…(although it may take 1 complete year for you to realize this 😉 )


The other things that I have decided to do are – to read more books (in 2012, I read as many books as number of wheels a two-wheeler has 😦 ), watch more movies, do more of Origami, learn new things about fashion, make up, be more bold, more straight forward, gain more knowledge about different things, talk more, talk to new people if possible, write more often, participate once again in weekly photo challenge, study well, clear 2 levels of DELF, and most important of all – clear Management entrance test!

Although some dreams didn’t come true in 2012, I realize that they might come true in 2013 and if at all they don’t, I still have many other dreams that want I to achieve… So no point in crying…

I hope that even in 2013, I continue to have faith in God, belief that there are good people in this world and good things have only good consequences!

May God Bless You All!
~ Diana.


3 Comments to “Happy New Year!!”

  1. Hi! Happy new year and all the best for 2013 🙂 Of course not all goals can be met but let’s be optimistic for this year! And you’re doing DELF? That’s great! I do DALF – it’s fun but more complicated xP

  2. Happy New Year!!

  3. A little late,but Happy New Year!

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