Shopping Spree…

There was a time when I hated shopping. I hated wandering from one shop to another. Trying to find something that perfectly matched my requirements. Not just mine but also the one who accompanied me. If it is some thing, like some useful thing then it is still fine. But if they are cloths, there are many factors that together specify our requirements. And things keep on getting complicated.

With every shop you visit, your temper keeps on losing, you get more frustrated, you no more want to shop, your legs ache and still you don’t find anything that is even close to what you want. A disappointing day. But you don’t want that to happen, so you continue to wander no matter what, till you find that something you had in your mind right from the beginning. This was my perception of shopping and so I hated shopping.

But now, things have changed… a lot. I have began to love shopping. 😉


I can just roam from shop to shop, asking the keepers to show me everything they have. In fact at times, there might be nothing in my mind and as I start looking at the various things, I might want to have one. So it is like, the day wont be disappointing because there is actually nothing that I want and I might still end up getting something good… LOL…

I realize now what is shopping all abou! It is actually just a mood swing or a stress releasing therapy, a feel good factor or a way to spend some time with your loved ones or just doing something when you really don’t have anything else to do… or it can obviously be one of the ways to spend your money…

Today, I actually shopped something for no obvious reasons and from nowhere I started feeling good… I don’t know why? And of course… I did visit few shops, tried few cloths which I didn’t even buy 😉 And I bought something else which I wasn’t in my mind at first place… 🙂


It was fun… Spent evening with my Mom… which I always do anyway. This is what made me write this post. I know it is very casual post with nothing much but…
I am sure you will understand… You can also share your shopping experiences… 🙂

Take care,


7 Comments to “Shopping Spree…”

  1. Shopping,let me tell you,is the single largest threat to mankind:D
    So you were better off earlier!

  2. what’s changed for you then? i’ve never been a keen shopper, even at your age, just grab what i need and dash out really…i just get a headache otherwise! 🙂

  3. I don’t like shopping for specific things. I do love window shopping though. It’s nice to dream. 🙂

  4. Heres the another same to you point – This is what exactly shopping means to me these days – “It is actually just a mood swing or a stress releasing therapy, a feel good factor “…. 🙂

  5. A theraphy! Yes indeed it’s true. I like to go shopping because it kind of helps me relax and have fun… 🙂

  6. wow for you! your case is entirely different!

    i am bad at shopping – just buy things in 5 minutes and run out – to spend evenings looking for things – my god – that’s like watching a horror picture for first show.

    but, may be once in a blue moon, i do shop, as you said with loved ones around. then time factor is killed. it’s just care and concern. but note it D, it’s just once in a blue moon! haha… 😀

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