Attachment is not when two people chat Day & Night. . . . It’s when someone E- mails you and adds an Image or Data File with it. 😉

I remember reading this message long time back. Funny, isn’t it? Had it been really so easy to define attachment, I wouldn’t have required so many days to post this. While the truth is, I am not yet able to define what it is. I can only describe it, vaguely.

In our day to day life, we get so easily attached to people, things, places etc. And we don’t realize this until we are no more going to follow the same thing. For instance, if you got attached to a person you don’t realize this till a day comes and the person leaves you. If you get attached to a thing and you no more find it at the place you left it. Places… can you easily leave a house where you lived for so long? Have so many memories?

Well, I am not against getting attached. But it hurts so badly if it is not going to continue 😦 .

I always happen to get attached very easily. The silliest thing could be that I often get attached to my desk. And every time I have to change it, I really feel sad to move to new place with new system, new neighbors… I know it is just a corner of a cubicle and all I have to do is concentrate on my work but still…

What I feel is, attachment means getting the habit, getting used to. We get used to stay in company of certain people, used to using things, use to be in particular place. And although they say ‘Change is the only constant thing’ nobody really accepts the Change that easily. So attachment can be more gentle word for ‘getting used to’.

It’s not just about people or things or places. It is even about our day to day habits. Suppose you are working in 2nd shift and all of a sudden you have to work in day shift. So even though you always blamed the 2nd shift, it becomes really difficult to you to work in 1st shift. It’s because you are used to work in 2nd shift and it is difficult for you to work in 1st shift, just till you get used to it 🙂

Am I making it complicated??

Well I will like to sum it up as I realize I am not going anywhere with this. Conclusion is… if you are strong enough to accept new things happily, you will not mind getting attach to any number of things. Because you will always welcome new things. But if you aren’t, then you will always be hurt if you lose things you are attached to. And you will always fear of new things because you fear to lose them.

I think it is getting even more complicated. I should stop here.

A thing to remember is – Only the most adaptable being can survive in this ever changing world. So its up to us, how much to get attach and how much to let go…

Hope you have a nice weekend and get introduced to new things!
With love,


5 Comments to “Attachment”

  1. I tend to agree with you..In fact even my last post harped on the same theme almost..

  2. It’s true. Whatever u do N whatever extend u travel, knowingly or unknowingly, there comes an unwanted frame of daily chores.

  3. Yes it is also a sense of familiarity that makes us want to hold onto things/people/circumstances. I used to get attached easily even to tiny little things, and then I would feel sad about having to part with them. But I try to take things more practically now; always reminding myself that I will leave everything and everyone behind when I die. It works sometimes 😉

  4. Everything is complicated at a certain and attachment is no exception. It’s interesting how we can unconsciously get attached to stuff, even material or the most insignificant ones…
    Guess we’re all human 😉

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