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February 26, 2013

A Word A Week Challenge – Zoom

🙂 🙂

No, I don’t have any intentions of participating in this challenge regularly. It just happened that I realized that I have some snaps related to this topic! So here is my entry for this week!





I wont mind if I find any other topic going with photos in my collection 😉

Have fun!

February 24, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Forward

Here is my entry for this week’s photo challenge. I have already used this image in one of my earlier entries for the challenge, ‘Urban


Forward… the first thought that hits me is future. No one can really tell what’s going to happen in future, what’s going to happen when you move a step forward. Whether it’s a right step or wrong step? It is not easy to discern. Sometimes I feel I would better stop thinking or planning. Coz things are anyway not gonna happen the way I want them to. Destiny always seems to have a different plan.

But then when I look back sometimes, I feel things aren’t that bad. Even though they are not exactly the way I wanted. I am still happy.
But my mind wont let it go. I still have lot of dreams, lot of hopes, lot many plans and lot many plan Bs, in case my plan As didn’t work  🙂

Perhaps that is how life shapes up. You keep on trying hard. You don’t realize it unless you take some time to relax and look back…

I think I should stop here. I lack both, words and experience to comment anything more.

Hope you had a nice weekend!
And Have a healthy week ahead!


February 19, 2013

CAT – holics

Hi people! I am back after around 3 weeks 😛 I think I had promised you that I will at the least participate in Weekly Photo Challenge, but didn’t even do that. And I am extremely sorry for that. 😦

Well but today I have something to tell you! I found out that my Sir too has a blog on WordPress  😛 And he told me not to tell anyone that he is the author 🙂 Sorry… I cannot do that!!

Haven’t I told you people that I want to crack management entrance exam? As soon as began to grapple (couple of years back) I met my Sir. He has been teaching student like me since a decade and so the blog actually is for all those who wish to do the same. So it is of course a useful blog from students’ perspective. But I would suggest that, others, who are not taking any such exam, should as well go through the blog. It has Math puzzles and tricks to solve them. Some tips on vocabulary building, how one can remember more words? How they derive from different roots from different languages?? And all such things… I am sure you will enjoy the way Sir explains things!

Here is the link –

CAT-holic(where CAT stands for – Common Admission Test)

It is just that I am very happy! I am glad to find out that Sir has started to blog and that too on WordPress! It feels like he has come to stay in my neighborhood! (I really don’t know why!) And as if he might any time come and visit me, I should always be ready. So this might boost me to blog more often. I know he is quite busy and has better stuff to read but still… One can always hope 🙂

Do visit the blog!
And don’t forget my blog!!