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March 29, 2013


It was afternoon of 27th March. We here in India had public holiday on the eve of Holi festival. The reason we have holiday s that the festival is celebrated, applying colors on each other. It is considered as a means to spread love, forgetting all past grievances, mistakes, misunderstandings, sorrows and believe that life is as colorful as the day.

When I was kid, I would be too excited for this day! Actually it’s not just colors but we also slash water on each other! Wow! It would be so much fun!! We would begin our preparation almost before a week! We would talk about past Holis and would make plans for the coming one. On the next day of Holi, we would compare how much the color has washed off from body. The one who has more color left is thought of as one who most fun! As if there was some competition!

But as I grew up, I stopped playing with colors. I  began to look at the festival as a holiday, to take rest. The colors no more represent the liveliness of my life. Probably, I have grown up a far too much to believe in old customs that we can easily forget and forgive and move on and live life cheerfully.

Carrying this grown up belief, on 27th afternoon, I was lying on my bed. Having shampooed my hair and later conditioned to smoothen, I was to pleased with myself. I was caressing my hair lying lazily when there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door but there wasn’t anyone. I was about to check if there is anyone who knocked and moved on when… Somebody sprayed color on my face!

Burra na mano Holi hai!

“Don’t mind, it is Holi!!” Shouted my cousins!!! My two cousins, with my maternal aunts and an uncle had arrived  out of no where to our place to celebrate holi!!!

And after so many years, I don’t know how many, I celebrated Holi with colors!! Hurray!

And I don’t know when next I will be playing it again, so I purposely got us clicked!!


Earlier I was bit apprehensive about my hair but later I just thought of ignoring it. Because life is indeed colorful! It is more fun in enjoying Holi with your cousins then getting a complement for smooth hair 😛

Here is a snap of my bro who joined us later. We colored him in green and guess what? He looks like the Hulk!! 😀


Before I finish the post, I would like to share with you all that this was my 100th post! And I don’t think I could get more luckier but to have a post on festival of colors!


Life is indeed beautiful. You just need to know how and where to apply color life brings to you! I know it is easy to say and difficult to do and all, but that’s what I am learning as I am growing up!

A belated Happy Holi to all of you!May you enjoy all the colors of your life!

Diana 🙂

March 25, 2013

On public demand – A Postman!

After a long time, I am free enough to write a post, sitting on my desk in my office. 🙂
My friend having seen me wandering and disturbing other people asked me – “Where is your new post?” I told him I want to write but I am unable to think of a topic when he reminded me of his suggestion. Few days back, he had told me to write about ‘Postman’ – to be endangered species! Here I go-


Hello guys! I am a Postman! I hope you remember me, eh? You might not need me anymore. But you have definitely encountered me, at least once, during your schooling. It may be either ‘P stands for Postman’ or you must have had at least a poem or a lesson on postman. I am damn sure about it. And if you are old enough then I must have also helped you to send your messages to your beloved ones 😛

O’ Come on guys don’t tell me you forgot me? Just roll back few years of your life, when you didn’t use mobile phones or internet as you use now. When you had chat more often with people around you rather than people sitting miles away. And so you needed me once in a while when you felt like conversing with the later people.Postman

Now, you might think that due to advancement in technology, I don’t have any work and I might begin to growl. No, it’s not the case. In fact I want to thank all the people who have worked so hard to not to leave much work in my hands. I can now cozily sit in my office chair and do all kinds of indoor jobs that too in an air conditioner room. There are very few letters that we have to post which I generally bid to my juniors. 🙂

No need to roam from door to door, taking signatures from the recipient. Don’t have to feel disgraced by people peeping through half open door as if I had come to kidnap their children. No more witnessing the tearful eyes when the letter had some bad news. But I will definitely miss the happiness I would get when I would deliver letters carrying good news! That happiness would give me enough strength to continue my job in scorching heat with aching legs.

But no worries! Now a days I see my glee face in mirror and try to get my strength back 😛 And I don’t even need that much energy for I just sit in a chair for entire day!!

I feel sorry for the people who stay in the undeveloped, remote areas, in villages where unfortunately, technology has so far overlooked. The people there have to wait so long to get any news about their relatives and friends staying far away. And I also pity the postmen there who still have to work hard unlike me.

I think I must stop the complacent talk for now and finish off the work pending at my desk, in the AC room 😛 I only hope that the textbooks will continue to have our stories just in case there comes a time when even my juniors have to occupy a desk beside me and you will no more see us on streets or on your doors 🙂

Yours faithful,
A Postman.

March 3, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the details

Lost in the details 😛


Actually, I am lost in words!! I remember the time when I kept on reading books just because the story fascinated me.
These days, I also get into the details of their writing, the words used by the writers, the way they express something, go and search every other unknown word in the dictionary. 🙂


One of the reasons for doing this is I myself want to be a good writer and be able to use these words in my writing.
Nothing come easy way 😦
You have to get into the details, spend some time, work hard and only then you can get what you want!


But thankfully, I have started enjoying it! The words seem to like me as well! 🙂
They stay in my mind for longer time and seem to ejaculate more often! I wish to contrive the writer within me!

You too keep blogging!
Have a nice week ahead!

March 2, 2013


This post is in response to DP’s Weekly Writing Challenge.


Right from the moment I woke up, I could feel the dark taint. I lounge in my bed for some time. Then I began to search… them. I groped around to feel them. Where are my….? I thought. And I thought over. Where are my what? I didn’t get the word back. Immediately after, my hands felt the two round glasses and I pulled them towards mSpectaclese and wore on my eyes. I got up, to begin my day.

As I was out of bedroom, mom wished me morning and I replied her wishing the same. I went near the wash basin, washed my face and began to search it. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Where it must have gone?? Last night, I had left it here. I asked mom, if she had seen it. First sheToothpaste-toothbrush couldn’t get what I was talking about.

“That first thing we need early in the morning??”

“Cell Phone??” She teased.

Then later, after bit of drama, she handed over me my toothbrush and toothpaste which she had kept somewhere else as she had to clean the shelf!

Fortunately or unfortunately, all my other things were on place and I didn’t have to ask anyone any favor to find them. And also, to remind myself that today is going to be a terrible day.

I left home for err… I don’t know what… and was walking down the road for catching one of… that, which I catch daily to travel. Oh God! I couldn’t remember what it is called? They were so many passing by, with all seats filled. I stretched my hand to stop them, but none of them did. By then, my daily companion, an old, stout lady came.
“Today you are in time?” She asked.Auto rickshaw
Is it a crime?? I forced a smile.

She too stretched her hand and called out – “Auto!”
Hush! Immediately one stopped. She sat and went.
At least now I know the word! I too called for an auto of course with my one hand waving in air. These auto drivers have become haughty these days. Some of them just went like that, without even looking at me. May be I should eat more and become fat like the aunty so that they can see me 😦

Finally one stopped.

“Kidhar jana hai?” He asked me where I want to go.
I gave a blank stare.
He raised his eyebrows. I continued to stare. Then he himself asked me if I want to go to railway station, because that is the last point of all autos. I replied hesitantly, “Ha, wahi to jana hai!”  That of course, I want to go to the station!


I just knew that wherever I am going is next to station, where the auto will halt. I got down from the auto.
“12 rupaya” 12 rupees, the driver demanded.
I gave him exact 12 and he went off on his way.

As I turned to my left, I saw a huge… something made of walls, behind tall… standing bars. Yes! I come here daily, and this were I must head too. I was about to move, when somebody slapped me on my back and before I can understand what’s happening…
college“What are you doing here?” It was her. “I told you to come at the parking lot!” She said pointing in a direction where there were ranged… those things on which only two people can sit.
“I just, forgot.”
And before I can say anything further, she began as if there isn’t going to be any cessation, pulling me through the bars, inside the walls.
We went inside a… an area surrounded by wall from four sides. There were many others already. All known faces but I couldn’t recognize them. We sat down on a… something. She hadn’t stopped yet. Or else she would have noticed.

There was a queer sensation. I know her, I know her very well. But I don’t remember her name. Should I tell her? But only if she stops! What was happening?? There was some weird feeling. As if I was not well, as if I had some disease, as if I have lost all my… I mean you understand what I have felt like I have lost…

I sat there wondering if I am going to be well. I felt like crying. But I held back my tears.
“What’s wrong??” Finally she enquired. “You look so pale.”
“I…” Before I could say anything, a lady entered in. All of us stood up. She instructed to sit and we all sat.
“Yes tell me, are you alright?” She asked again, ignoring the lady.
“No I am not. Actually I don’t…”
Once again I was interrupted by the lady. She started calling out names. One by one, people raised their hands and pulled down back.
“Jennifer D’Souza!”
And she raised her hand.
Oh! Jenny! How can I forget it!
Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! I repeated to myself.
“Yes, yes, yes… tell me?” Her face, half smiling, half worried.
I just opened my mouth and…
“Diana Juvenille!”
Jenny held my hand and raised it in the air. Then she pulled it down. She looked at me. The smiled had vanished.
“Actually, I am not able remember things.” I started. “I feel I am sick. I even forgot my name. And yours as well. And so everybody else’s around. It’s not just name. There are many other things I don’t remember.”

“What’s going on there? Jennifer?”
“Nothing m’am. Just discussing difference between RAM and ROMclassroom
“Is it? You come and sit over here. I will tell you the difference.”

Jenny turned to me “You don’t worry. Stay calm. We will talk after the lecture.”
She went near the lady and sat just in front of her, following the injunctions as if it was  daily routine.

Now, I just couldn’t control. A tear rolled off my eye. I felt more lost. I glanced around. Everyone was silent, perusing something. The lady was saying something. All of sudden everybody looked at her. Then they looked down again. This process was repeated few times, at regular interval.

I laid there, oblivion of all the things.
What are they looking down at? What is she speaking about? What are all others replying back to her? What am I doing here? What is this place? Why am I sitting here? Do I come here daily? Who is Jenny? How do I know her? And how does she know me? Why was I worried when I knew I forgot her name? Are we going to stay here forever? When is this lady gonna leave?

First the questions and then the fear of not knowing there answers engulfed me. And then, there was darkness… I could feel the things around me swallowed by darkness and I… don’t remember what happened next.


Somebody slapped me tightly on my face and I woke?
“What are you sleeping here? Get up!!” It was, of course Jenny. “I told you to wait at the parking lot. I was standing there for like ages!!”
It took me a minute to get back.
“Jenny, I…”
“Now don’t give me your lame excuse that you forgot!” She growled.
We were in our classroom, and I could see there, Ketty and Sammy on first bench, Ritu and Neelam on second, Rahul and Paresh sat behind us!!
“O Jenny!! I remember everything!!” I couldn’t hide the ecstasy and I hugged her tightly.
“So you do remember some things.” She gave a feint, angry look.
“You won’t believe. I had a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare!”
“And you forgot everything in that dream”
“Yes! How do you know?”
“It can’t be a dream. You keep on forgetting everything, every time.”
“No. But in the dream, it was even more horrible!”
I wanted to tell her when, our teacher, Mrs Bakshi walked in. We all stood up and sat down as she directed.
“In the dream I even forgot our names. It was really…”
“Jennifer D’Souza!” and Jenny raised her hand.
“It was really terrible. I didn’t even remember Mrs Bakshi. And I even forgot that we come to college…”
“Diana juvenile!” Jenny raised my hand and pulled it down.
“I wish Mrs Bakshi forgot about the college too! And then what you did? You began to cry? I am sure you did!!” She mocked.
I felt a pinch of anger rising inside me, but I just ignored it as I had a story to tell! I was about to continue when…happy-face

“What’s going on there? Jennifer?”
“Nothing m’am. Just discussing difference between RAM and ROM”
“Is it? You come and sit over here. I will tell you the difference.”
Jenny turned to me “You don’t ever dare to forget me!”
She went and sat on the first bench, in front of Mrs Bakshi.

This time, I couldn’t hold my smile. I got my ‘Computer organization and Architectures’ copy on my desk and began to read as everyone else did.


I loved this subject ‘Dystopia’ and I am glad that I could come up with this idea. My only concern is, if I have conveyed it clearly. I have used some pictures, to assist me.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Never forget me,
Diana 🙂