On public demand – A Postman!

After a long time, I am free enough to write a post, sitting on my desk in my office. 🙂
My friend having seen me wandering and disturbing other people asked me – “Where is your new post?” I told him I want to write but I am unable to think of a topic when he reminded me of his suggestion. Few days back, he had told me to write about ‘Postman’ – to be endangered species! Here I go-


Hello guys! I am a Postman! I hope you remember me, eh? You might not need me anymore. But you have definitely encountered me, at least once, during your schooling. It may be either ‘P stands for Postman’ or you must have had at least a poem or a lesson on postman. I am damn sure about it. And if you are old enough then I must have also helped you to send your messages to your beloved ones 😛

O’ Come on guys don’t tell me you forgot me? Just roll back few years of your life, when you didn’t use mobile phones or internet as you use now. When you had chat more often with people around you rather than people sitting miles away. And so you needed me once in a while when you felt like conversing with the later people.Postman

Now, you might think that due to advancement in technology, I don’t have any work and I might begin to growl. No, it’s not the case. In fact I want to thank all the people who have worked so hard to not to leave much work in my hands. I can now cozily sit in my office chair and do all kinds of indoor jobs that too in an air conditioner room. There are very few letters that we have to post which I generally bid to my juniors. 🙂

No need to roam from door to door, taking signatures from the recipient. Don’t have to feel disgraced by people peeping through half open door as if I had come to kidnap their children. No more witnessing the tearful eyes when the letter had some bad news. But I will definitely miss the happiness I would get when I would deliver letters carrying good news! That happiness would give me enough strength to continue my job in scorching heat with aching legs.

But no worries! Now a days I see my glee face in mirror and try to get my strength back 😛 And I don’t even need that much energy for I just sit in a chair for entire day!!

I feel sorry for the people who stay in the undeveloped, remote areas, in villages where unfortunately, technology has so far overlooked. The people there have to wait so long to get any news about their relatives and friends staying far away. And I also pity the postmen there who still have to work hard unlike me.

I think I must stop the complacent talk for now and finish off the work pending at my desk, in the AC room 😛 I only hope that the textbooks will continue to have our stories just in case there comes a time when even my juniors have to occupy a desk beside me and you will no more see us on streets or on your doors 🙂

Yours faithful,
A Postman.


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