Aisha's Scrapyard

I don’t know what’s with me but I seem to spell a few words wrong. It’s not a few times or random typo error, it’s always, no matter what. And it’s not like I haven’t tried to, you know, learn them. So many times have I stopped myself while writing those words and taken the time to learn how it is spelled correctly.

Believe it or not but I have even sometimes spend a few minutes trying to rewrite those words with different combination of alphabets but nooooooooooooooooooo, that stupid stupid stupid red zigzag underline will never go away.

It’s like cracking up a safe code or something when it comes to these words, sometimes.

Anyway, so when I give up, I move my hands away from the keyboard to the mouse pad, click on the word, let the suggestions ( I just did what I am talking about…

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