I need a break!

I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I am totally bored of everything. I don’t feel like working in office. And thankfully there isn’t much work load as of now. At home, too, I don’t feel like studying or doing any house old chores. And unlike office, I have my exams coming in just few days. :O And I am not that well prepared. Now I am completely dependent on the last day preparation. I just hope it ends well!!

I feel like taking break from everything. Like staying at home. Do nothing. Without worrying about any pending work or studies. Watch movies, watch cricket matches, cheer for my team, watch how my favourite players talk about their teams in the post match ceremony. Then read books late night. Sleep for long hours. Eat all kind of lazy food – like bread-butter or cheese butter or jam-bread and sauce bread. Then all sorts of Cadburys. Drink juices or milk shakes. Then watch television and get to know new songs, upcoming movies, celebrity updates. Read some newspaper, rave about the politicians, how they are messing with our country and how we are never gonna achieve anything. How we are a complete loser!

I also want to spend some more time online. Be little more social. Write regular posts for my blogs, read other blogs, comment and like other posts, participate in weekly challenges, get some followers for my blog too… I want to start a new blog as well. I want to read online beauty tips, read about food good for our health, watch how-to make up videos on you tube, apply homemade face pack, take care of my hair. Then learn Origami from Jo Nakashima, use my Canon cam to take some awesome snaps and get people’s awed expression.

I so very much want to live life like this! To spend a week doing only these above mentioned things. I want break from my regular routine. Only a small one will also do. May be, maybe I will try to get this break as soon as possible. Or maybe not. I am not sure. But I just realised that I just now finished doing one thing of – writing a new post 😀

I am glad I could do it. Hope to see you soon again. I really hope 🙂



11 Comments to “I need a break!”

  1. Wow…while reading I felt like it’s me who is writing..I used to think,I am the only one who thinks that way..but there are people who need break and want to do things which makes them happy..and believe me,You will never get break..I started to live alone just because I wanted to do things which can make me happy, stuffs which after doing I should have peace of mind and I should be proud of..ended up writing hell lot of stuffs. Read bucket of novels, studied continuously for more than 8 hrs, watched idiot box like crazy.And worked in office till eyes got sore. But to be very frank, still there are things I feel like m missing..One can never be contented. One can never be at Peace. But m happy that m trying to live my life as I always thought like….
    I follow your Blog..appreciate your work. Especially this one. Got nostalgic…:)

    • Hey thanks 🙂
      I too hope one day I will be able to do all those things… dunno when.
      And may be you are right we are never satisfied with our life. I too might end up thinking that I am missing something even after I get chance to do all this things just as I am now! 😛
      But still, all I need at the moment is a break! Hope I find one.
      Thanks for following my blog and for the piece of appreciation! 😀

  2. Whether I want to or not, I might be living your dream 😉
    That said, I miss being busy officially- I mean that is what people get when in job or college right ?

    If you have a camera, you might start a photoblog of sorts ( or write photoposts here itself )- that is what a friend of mine suggested when I was going through such a phase myself…

    • Ah! I am jealous!
      Grass is always greener on the other side 🙂
      Whenever I am not busy, I miss being busy 😛

      Thanks for the advice but I am not a good photographer. I just happen to have a nice camera. Which automatically clicks good photos 😀

      • With the advent of camera phones and digital cameras, I no longer know what good photography is anymore- and am not speaking sarcastically 🙂
        Its just that some special people have an eye for great pictures- I don’t have that and I don’t know if you do. But since you went ahead and got a good camera, at least you have something churning deep inside. Must give it a shot and see how it goes 🙂

        Not pestering, just saying that we must give things a shot before writing them off 🙂

  3. Good post. Your writing doesn’t look like that of a beginners’

  4. I wish I could do this all the time too. Taking a break is important: healthy and regenerating! Don’t hesitate to take a short vacation if you really need it.

  5. yaa… we in fact individuals are always trying to find time for ourselves.. and many a times even if its there.. we end up wasting it… and nice to know that ur hope for staying happy as started to begun

  6. Were you writing about yourself or me?! The exams, the office, need to socialise! I can relate to it all!
    The only difference being, my work pressure is tremendous as of now, and I can’t wait for these 5-minute snippets of break every 3 hours to catch up something good online! 😉
    And this break of mine, surely, didn’t go waste! 🙂

    Gotta go! Work beckons!

  7. I have this feeling almost everyday, I really need breaks to run with my daily life and I often feel so bad for messing my career (worst IT life) with something I’m so not interested in.

    I hope you have a good break and have a great life ahead 🙂 All the best, Cheers!!!

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