Boys, you are too much!

And I mean it in good sense 🙂

It really makes me wonder, how come boys know so many things? I mean, if you are talking about sports, it’s not just one sport. They will know everything about every sport- football, cricket, tennis, biking, swimming, chess. They know it all. They will know who is world champion in which sport, who plays for which team, which team is good , which team is bad, rules of each game, places like stadiums where the game is played, then which stadium is the best one, which team has maximum supporters, which player is gay, which is player is married, to whom, their history, geography, blah blah blah!

 I mean, isn’t that already too much?

 And it is not just sports. They will also know about new technologies  like mobiles, iphones, ipads, tablets, processors, laptops, etc. New cars, new bikes.

 They will know about movies, old ones that were hit in their times as well as the upcoming ones. They are based on which novel or any real incident. About different actors, again their background, current affairs(pun intended :P) Every possible thing one can know.

 They can talk about politics. They will comment on any new law or any new change implemented by government for hours as if they are the ones working on it. They will know everything about who is corrupt, who is not. They will also know any secret motive of a minister behind his move.

 It doesn’t just end here. They will know about different countries, their history/geography (literally), their currencies, their capitals, their stock markets, their financial conditions, what are they famous for, all things like that.

Now I might sound sarcastic, but I not being sarcastic. I am just jealous.
I am here, trying hard to remember things about my close and dear ones, and these people know about the world!

 I feel as if all these things are buried in reins of their brain forever. Whenever any topic is out, they just pull out the remains.  

 Hats off guys!

 Some day, I really wish to figure how they do this.
Till then I will continue to blog 🙂
You keep reading.


11 Comments to “Boys, you are too much!”

  1. Nice one…it takes good amount of time to know all..😊

  2. Nice one…and it takes good amount of time to know all…😊

  3. It takes a brave boy to admit he doesn’t know it all…..and a sensible one to admit that the lady is always right!

  4. Isn’t that the truth? It really is amazing. But honestly? I’m okay not knowing all that sports stuff. Lol.

  5. For a minute there, after reading the title, I thought this was one of those rants about why boys are a pain.

    But your view is refreshingly different.

    Unless this is part of an evil plan to takeover the world by manipulating the seemingly simple mind of man.


  6. Nice one Diana… Even I didn’t realized this , until I read your post… Keep Blogging

  7. With all peaks and valleys in recent times, I have an intention that Girls cannot, or rather I say, should not be positive on Boys and so your title showcased to me initially. But but… 🙂 🙂

    P.S. We (boys) are not that TOO MUCH, its just a perception.

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