Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember…

This post is in response to The daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember


I remember,

Going to school on the first day,

Waiting for you to come,

And sit next to me.


I remember,

Looking at the class door,

Wondering for new teacher to enter,

Hoping that she is someone kind and gentle.


I remember,

That β€œit was expected” look,

When teacher would change our places,

Because we talked too much! πŸ™‚


I remember,

The bell ringing for recess,

And we running to either of the place,

To eat our tiffin together,

And complain about our partners!


I remember,

When the day would end,

We would wait at the gate,

Till your uncle arrived to take you.


I remember,

Sharing about every other thing,

Happened in school,

And at home.


I remember,

These things happening,

Every single day of school,

And every year.


But unfortunately,

As I remember,

The last year when we drifted apart,

For some stupid reason.


And I remember,

And will always do,

I lost a best friend of mine,

Who was so sweet and kind 😦


– Diana


2 Comments to “Weekly Writing Challenge: I remember…”

  1. beautifully crafted Diana… reading this, my school days n those precious moments spent with best buddies flashed in my mind… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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