Poll it guys!!

Tell me people, what do you think?

Since my latest few posts were on girls and/vs boys, I just felt like asking you people what you feel? I being a girl, I think girls are both physically and mentally stronger than boys. But only because we don’t get much chance to show our physical strength we ourselves underestimate our strength 😦 But that doesn’t makes it a fact, does it?

Now I don’t want to aggravate this discussion. I just wish to know your honest thoughts. And would love read your comments on this topic.

Cast you vote please –

By the way, there is one surprise! I have been thinking of a story and a part of it is ready in my mind. I might post it soon! Wish me luck!


2 Comments to “Poll it guys!!”

  1. Interesting topic!
    I say, don’t categorize. I wander how can you quantify said mental strength…
    They say woman can bare more pain (childbirth for example), do you think it’s true?

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