Mobile speaks…

Aah! So finally I have somebody to speak to! I mean I know mobiles are not meant to speak, I mean they are meant to speak but they are not meant to speak to them but with others. Still, it feels better when someone comes once in a while to listen what we have to say…

I have seen many owners, of my other friends who treat them like their best friends. They hold them so tightly and never leave even for a moment. They will either speak with their beloved ones for hours or they will either roll their fingers around their respective cell phones as if they are caressing them with love. But definitely not my owner!

I just don’t get what’s wrong with her. Forget about holding me in her hands she doesn’t even keep me in right place. I am always lying somewhere, some place even she isn’t aware. And most of the time the place is completely dark. I guess it is some kind of drawer where she literally dumps me. And if it not drawer or if it is some open space, it has to become dark after some time. Of course, because she places some other things on me!

Oh God! I am fed of all this low level treatment. She not only treats me like a non-living thing. but like a dead-non-living thing. Can you imagine how it feels? Never mind 😦

The worst part is when she is traveling. She just puts me in her bag (why didn’t anyone teach her to keep things in proper place!) and forgets it that I even exist somewhere. It’s kind of a roller-coaster ride. I keep on jumbling up and down, and most of the time its only the water bottle for my company. However, I guess she must have got a pretty figure. You know, it’s not only me who jumbles 😛 But then again it’s dark inside the bag!!!

What my owner keeps on claiming is that – she doesn’t really needs me as she never receives any call or messages. Now I say what the hell is that? There are people who call her so many times in a day and this over smart girl puts me on vibrate. How come she is ever gonna receive any call?

The only time she really needs me is when she goes to sleep. She puts on the headphones and goes to sleep. And after that, you know, she doesn’t know where I am when she is awake. So forget about it when she is asleep.

Huh! Now-a-days I hear rumors that she is going to get a new mobile who is smarter than me. This people have forgotten – ‘Old is gold!’ How can someone younger be smarter or wiser? And he would be equally dead and a non-living, isn’t it? Anyways I know, he is gonna get same treatment like me. I know her very well. She gets bored with things easily. I am just waiting for a good company 🙂


2 Comments to “Mobile speaks…”

  1. Interesting read!? 🙂


  2. lovely… I can under stand the condition of ur poor champ.. 😛

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