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September 29, 2013

Chapter two

To begin with, I want to inform readers that the preceding chapter of this was ‘The Night’. If you haven’t read it or if you wish to read it again, you can find it here – The Night.

“Come in.” The Doctor responded to the knock on the door.
It was her, Lily. She always entered with a broad smile on her face. This cheered up the Doctor.
“Hey! I was waiting for you. You got late today?” He asked.
“Yea… Had some project work in college.”
“Sit for a moment. I will wrap my day.”
She sat in the nearby chair which was usually occupied by patients. Doctor was busy keeping things back in place. Lily always wondered, what was about this guy that he was so different from others? Why she always felt more respect for him every time she met him? For her, every other guy was a monster. A monster incarnating human. She hated all of them. Including her father. She believed her father was a monster who entered her mother’s life and engulfed her, took her away from Lily. She even avoided talking to boys from her college. Because they will eventually grow up to become monsters. So why befriend them?
There was an intern assisting Doctor. He had crush on Lily. He was like, any normal girl would have found him cute and willingly accepted his proposal. But Lily felt he was a cute monster, very pretentious and never gave him a single chance to talk to her.
But Lily never thought of Doctor like this. Not for a single moment.

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September 1, 2013

The Night

It was the same dark night, like every other. A part of city was deep asleep. Their busy day was just about to begin, in next few hours. While other part was busy doing their chores as their day had already began. Although it is said that the city never sleeps, there is some unique silence maintained during night. People stay awake, but in their own boundaries, continue to work, chit chat, listen songs, watch movies, eat, drink, make love, robe houses but silently.

As the silence prevailed, in a remote part of city, someone was screeching from bottom of heart, asking for help! A woman in a lonely compartment of a fast moving local train. The train was moving as quick as it could and so were the dirty minds of the two drunk men approaching the woman. Nothing mattered to the fearless beasts. May be the bear wasn’t enough to satisfy their thirst, they wanted more. As the woman started shouting more loudly, one of them pulled out a knife from his pocket to threaten her. She panicked. Tears streamed out of her eyes. All terrible thoughts of her dark future rolled front of her eyes one after other. She thought of fighting back. She pushed one of them with as much force as much she can, but in vain. The one without the knife got closer and held her hand tightly. Next came the one with knife. He brought the knife close to her face, swiftly moved around the her lips.

What is he going to do now??

She shouted even louder. But deep down she knew, no one is around to help her.

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